Finland's Käärijä performing "Cha Cha Cha" at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Grand Final. Dominic Lipinski / Getty Images Entertainment



The fun thing about Eurovision is that everyone gets to have opinions about some weird shit.

Musically, Spain was tops for me. Blanca Paloma's vocals on this haunting flamenco number are amazing.

I also really dug La Zarra's "Evidemment" -- great updated disco diva dance track. The video is excellent, but the staging and live performance at the final didn't really convey. That happens sometimes at Eurovision.

I don't think Germany deserved last place this year. But they're often there. I guess it's tradition.

Felt bad for Malta not making it past the first semi. Their track is fun boy-band pop.

And how gorgeous were the boys from Cyprus and Italy? I could watch them all day.

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