Music May 19, 2023 at 1:39 pm

One of the Greatest Goth Bands of the 1980s Perform at the Moore This Weekend

"Give me the ring!" Courtesy of STG Presents



For fifteen years, Faith & Disease were Seattle’s premier local goth band. They started playing just before the Stranger began publication, and much of their great career predates even Charles’ shockingly long tenure here.

Then they retired. Sometimes even pop musicians grow up, sadly.


@1 Calling them a local goth band is like calling Mudhoney a local grunge band. Both Seattle-based bands with a global audience.


Casting call for fat vampires; must be able to disappear into thick air.


@2: Agreed, but I was just riffing on Charles’ claim, “Despite Pacific Northwest's mostly goth-positive weather, it has never produced a really big goth band. Indeed, the only thing that even comes close is Oldominion, but despite all the support they received from PNW vampire heads, they never blew up.” While F&D were never even “big” enough to headline a place like the Moore, they were local, loved, and as you noted, influential beyond Seattle.

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