Sinead O'Connor performing at the Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland on January 18, 2003. Getty Images/Stringer



I was 21 when I bought "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got" on CD. I was 23 when someone stole it from a party at my house. In between I played the hell out of it. Such a great album and soundtrack for being 22. I hope whoever stole it enjoyed it half as much as I did.


<3 x infinity


This is why we need better mental health care. Someone to talk to when one is in the midst of an abuse crisis instead of decades later (or possibly never). On the other hand, one might argue that Sinead's work might not have been the same.


Thank you Charles for writing an article and giving credit to an under appreciated musical pioneer.
Eric Dolphy doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.
Check out the new Coltrane collection: Nights at the Village Gate. Dolphy is brilliant


Strong, powerful, loud women are never celebrated until they are dead.

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