Today the Vera Project dropped some really excellent news: Black Lodge will reopen October 7! 

In June of last year Vera first announced its plans to revive the beloved DIY music venue. At the time, they aimed to add bathrooms, build a secondary exit, and make the warehouse space more accessible in time to reopen in December 2022. But that rock block on Eastlake took some hits in the following months—Victory Lounge and Lo-Fi Performance Gallery closed on December 31 and July 1, respectively, and Black Lodge's future appeared to be in peril.

But Vera was making magic happen behind the scenes. Black Lodge is not only back—it's bigger, too.

The Vera Project expanded the venue to also take over the neighboring Lo-Fi space, and both Hollow Earth Radio and Nellis Records, "a new brick-and-mortar record shop and occult bookseller," are moving in. In the coming months, the space will also add production labs, rehearsal studios, and a home base for the Queer & Trans Youth Music Project.

Every show will be all-ages, but there will be a bar during Saturday DJ nights to, they say, "preserve a little bit of Lo-Fi's legacy while fundraising for our continued operations."


We'll have more info soon, but for now let's revel in the good news and appreciate this A+ promo video from Agent Dale Cooper: