Music Nov 20, 2023 at 12:48 pm

Seattle Gr*nge Stars Still Have This Gift

Mudhoney performing at the Crocodile Sunday, November 19. JONATHAN OCHOA



Damn I wish I had been there.


Only saw them once in 89 at Lame Fest. We got there late because our ride was all, opening bands always suck. Nirvana opened. Anyways Mark Arm had technical difficulties the likes too which I've only seen Jerry Garcia take longer to have resolved.


Me too. (Thanks btw for censoring the obscenity. The Stranger doesn't normally do that.)


Touch me Im sick is a B-side?

Its cool they were in the crowd for the opener. Dug from BTS is always in the crowd for the openers and I think thats cool. I expect to see him again on Friday but I expect I will remain too shy to say hi.

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