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That is a big stinger in the eye about Seattle is that they do not pay us for the work we do....

I dunno if they'll pay down in L.A. but I wish him luck regardless.
what he says is certainly true, but equally true for other artists (especially visual artists) and equally true in other cities.

artists get shit on. just as we all do. the main thing about larger cities is (1) the chance to connect with a larger local audience, making live performance more feasible and marketing dollars more focused, and (2) the ability to monetize non-arts competencies, i.e., the ability to make money doing production and post production work for other professionals, such as ad agencies, video companies and the like.

best of luck in LA
Hey fuckface. You've been writing this column for, what, like a month or two now? And like your two douchebag predecessors, you neglect to mention any electronic music beyond minimal techno and house. There's a thriving DnB scene I'm sure would benefit from ANY coverage whatsoever from you, but I guess it just doesn't fit with the asinine elitism you have chosen to represent.
You and your predecessors are the reason I seldom know what is goin on in the Emerald City to the North as far as music I enjoy goes. I had hopes for you, Segal, hopes you wouldn't be as much of a fucking assbag shitface. Oh well.
as someone who has booked electronic music in L.A. and O.C., while being connected to international artists might certainly be easier, finding the proper venues might be a lot tougher. It's major ebb and flow when it comes to venues in L.A. It's either a flood or an endless drought. Hopefully it will be the former.

Also promoting in L.A. requires about 20 times more energy per expected audience than in Seattle.

However, if the stars align correctly on the night of, you have a virtually endless audience willing to drive many miles to the event.

So, yeah, you will need a LOT of luck, and I hope you get the best.
Oly boy-

If the d&b scene is "thriving," why does it need my coverage?

Dragon's Eye Recordings doesn't release minimal techno or house.

What is elitist about the music I cover?

Also: update your insults. They're hopelessly juvenile and passé.
Its in the interest of fairness. Why do you refuse to cover it? Why is it never even referenced?
Hey Oly, if it's really in the interest of fairness, you should tone it down, and maybe apologize. You're not doing much for your cause. D&B was covered non-stop for about 10 years running. And, yes, if it's pulling in tons of people, why would it need more exposure than something that hasn't really gotten the attention it deserves? (ie experimental listening music like Dragon's Eye)