Data Breaker

Dietrich Schoenemann and Erictronic


(Long live IDM!)

Erictronic's tunes are lush and kinky and insane all at once. Can't wait to hear more from him...
Eric has undefinable levels of HOOT and Holler Funkiness and WonKiness, that basically is attributable to any facet he wishe to set on to.

He IS the kind of person to Walk the Talk.

Tonight! Experience this Interactive Multimedia / Multidimensional
entertainment extravaganza in Looptid 3D!
These kind of events only happen once and then it's just a memory.
Don't miss out, come early (it's only 9 bucks before 11!)
And the First 100 through the door will receive free 3D glasses.
Dietrich Schoenemann killed it last night in Portland and with
Re-Bar's new sound expect the the best tonight.
The Nerd Revolt starts tonight but who knows when and if you will have
a chance to see them play again, hopeless recluses,
these 2 rarely leave the studio let alone relocate it to the club for live show.
Erictronic opens the night with live works off his new release on
Pleasure Boat Rec. Not to be Missed.
It's been a few weeks since we have had a bangin' techno party in town
so get your ass on the dance floor:)
We get started at 10pm at the Re-Bar - see you there!