Michna plays Stop Biting Tues Feb 24. Tonje Thilesen



Mndsgn's Surface Outtakes album (out February 11) is unbelievably beautiful and beatific. The LA-based Stones Throw artist sounds like he might be a fan of P.M. Dawn, the peace-mongering hippie-hop group who benevolently ruled the '90s for a minute. Listen to Mndsgn's low-impact, down-tempo tracks and you'll be set adrift on memory bliss like there's no tomorrow. The music of Mndsgn (pronounced "mind design," aka Ringgo Ancheta) luxuriates in serene, ambrosial ambience; when he does bring in beats, they're relatively laid-back and gentle. Anyone who titles an album Yawn Zen isn't fixing to pump out high-energy club bangers, but respect to Mndsgn for excelling in his blissful lane. With IG88 and Eddie Bermuda. Barboza, 8 pm, $8 adv, 21+.


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I hate to be one of those people (not really), but I prefer Michna's early work with Miami's Secret Frequency Crew, who in 2004 put out a great psychedelic-IDM, post-hiphop album on Schematic titled Forest of the Echo Downs. Michna later moved to Brooklyn and focused on his solo career, signing to the prestigious Ghostly International and dropping his debut album proper, Magic Monday, in 2008. It's smack-dab in Ghostly's wheelhouse: melodically adept, moderately funky beatmakers who want to make you nod your head while it's lost in the clouds. There's a ton of this stuff out there, and Michna does it very well. His new Ghostly full-length, Thousand Thursday, sounds like Michna reimagining '90s rave tunes from a more intimate, subdued 21st-century perspective. These lightly euphoric tracks gain more elevation and are more expansive than his previous work. Should be interesting to see how the breakdancers at the weekly hiphop institution Stop Biting respond to Michna. With Introcut, WD4D, AbsoluteMadman, and AC Lewis. Lo-Fi, 9 pm, $5, 21+. recommended