Worse Than Hitler

Lenny Kravitz is the Most Loathsome Person in the History of the World


"Fly Away" may have sucked, but at least it kind of rocked if you didn't pay attention to it. I think anybody would take 1999's worst over what we have now.
In other words, 'Fly Away," could not stand the scrutiny of actual listening.
I recently learned that Lenny has the original REDD37 four-track mixing desk from Studio 1 at EMI (later called "Abbey Road") -- the desk that the earliest Beatles recordings were mixed on, and some of their later work as well (whenever they strayed into Studio 1 from their usual place in Studio 2, the mixing desk from which is lost). It's installed in his studio in the Bahamas. This fact makes me want to cry.
@Grant, when you come down to it, how many songs can, really?
This basically reads as "Stop liking what I don't like."
And your self awareness at the absurdity of the complaint tells us to completely disregard everything you say because it is shallow and inconsequential.
"Because I can," is never the answer as to why you would write this kind of drivel. Reading this was like watching a high school kid play drinking games.
I seem to remember Lenny Kravitz saying that he was the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix. Ha ha.