Of Montreal's Pop Odyssey

A Report from the Strangest Indie-Rock Spectacle I've Ever Seen


Sweet! I had no idea Of Montreal had such a stage presence. Haven't seen them live yet.
I bought tickets to this show a month ago, YES!
So far, Skeletal Lamping just creeps me out. I read reviews like this and I get excited to listen to it again, but I am perpetually disappointed... all of the twice I've made it through, anyway.

I miss sad Barnes.
Saw the show open in durham and it was awesome. the pizza thing came about when barnes couldn't find a towel to wipe off the whipped cream stuff he was covered in and we all started chanting "what do we want... pizza"
holy shit. genius sauce, grandy.
When I saw them in Barcelona last year, Barnes was indeed singing from atop a 15-foot-tall dress, like the one you mentioned. That show was just as surreal as the one you describe and I loved it :)
Their show at Roseland was great... just wish it was 18+ :( The moshy, sweaty kids took away from the brilliance.
saw the show. it was sweet. for the record, georgie's a "motherfucking headliner", not a "headline". I love how kbarnes won't give a second thought to boasting about his band's perpetually waxing popularity.
All this 'The Next Bowie' bullshit irritates me. I saw of Montreal in a shack in the back of an alley in Salt Lake City on the Aldhils Arboretum tour; guess what he was wearing then? Jeans and a t-shirt. Somehow, MAGICALLY, it managed to be a great show anyhow -- and they would still play My Favorite Boxer and The Frozen Island and Beetle Bug and Jennifer Louise...

Trading vaudeville for glam was the worst thing that ever happened to of Montreal.