A Big, Gay Roundtable

With Torche, Abe Vigoda, and These Arms Are Snakes


If these bands played at pride, I for one would NOT be running for my lives and covering my ears. I always thought Pride weekends could use some REAL rock music.

I think it is very easy to feel pulled in two directions, by both the gays and the rockers, but I have always believed that a person can happily be both.

Gay rockers (and by that I mean those lezzies and fags who can rock as hard as Donna Dresch) RULE!!
velazquez--what a hunk! seriously, abe vigoda is a good show. all of you, fly to l.a. and see them next at the smell!
This was a very interesting article. I'm a HUGE fan of both Torche, and TAAS... I've seen both in concert, and personally, I had no idea, nor would I have ever guessed. This article really raises people to let down the stereotypes of gay culture, and accept it from a straight man's perspective. I'm straight, so I guess I'd have no way of calling it... I think that it's very cool to know that some of my favorite artists are gay. Comforting almost... like, it just makes their music, and their lifestyles seem so real. When you're straight and not a homophobe, you tend not to notice things like that... I definitely wasn't ever thinking "is he gay?"...

I'm pumped, going to go see Torche, Clouds, & Black Cobra @ The Atlantic in Gainesville, FL 11/24!!!

just wanna say wow this article touched me...even though i'm long out and have a big support network and kinda removed from the hardcore scene....this hit my heart...i didn't know brian cook was gay too...right on....i used to play in a band in 1993 called today is the day...back then heavy bands didnt even have short hair!...lol...i would love to find a resource for gay guys into heavy music......not a lot out there...i love my friends but tired of dance bars and diva music...........would be cool to connect....mike herrell
hey kurt...how do i get in touch with brian?...i know botch dug some today is the day...wanna talk
Today Is the Day is great, especially their early stuff (Supernova, Willpower); Steve Austin seems like he could be pretty intense, you probably have some great stories Mike..... and I never would have guessed that anyone in that band was gay; not that I should, seems like the last thing anyone should think or care about. If anything, it would be kind of stupid if there weren't more gay guys into "extreme" music.... really, why should sexual orientation guide musical interests?
thanks for the comments bullets.....those were the albums i played on...yeah steve was intense...but i kept him in check...lol....i wasn't out at that time.....maybe i would've been a little less pissed off if i was gettin laid back then....lol...and the pot probably helped mellow me
awesome article... I just discovered the Funhouse's Pride party last year with some queer rock and punk and this year will probably be the last year for it. I hope someone takes up the mantle and brings in more bands like these guys.