Dispossessed, or, How I Lost Most of My Music Collection—and Nearly My Mind


Have you considered hiring a private detective rather than a lawyer? The records are somewhere, and somebody knows where. It's only a matter of finding out where. A detective is better suited to this task than an attorney.

If you're serious about recovering money damages, though, you should definitely hire an attorney. Don't be afraid of that. He won't bite!
Ok grandpa, vinyl is real, digital is not. Snore to the hoarders.
dumbass, you should know buy now not to let your records out of your site, should of brought those yourself if they meant that much to you
I empathize with you, man. I swear this on the original copy of Esquerita Capital which was smashed in two by a careless faceless USPS worker.
Thank you for sharing your personal horror story that turned into something of a revelation.

About 3 years, I was moving so much that I sold my record collection before they could get damaged in storage or natural causes. I had nowhere near the number of records you had, but I still felt like I had gone through a huge break-up, thinking of all the good times I had with each record, everything that we had been through together over the years. The endless montage playing over and over for weeks.

Then I heard the radio DJ that I sold my record collection to put on the first press of the White Album that used to be mine, and it was like the DJ was the new relationship and that I wanted my records back, my relationship back with those records.

That was three years ago. I've moved about 3 times since. I miss having them every now and then, but I don't miss being responsible for them, worrying about them, having nightmares about fires or floods.

Sorry for your loss. I salute you and your journey and for sharing it so brilliantly.
Dude, I'm so sorry. I don't even know what to say. :(
Reading this gave me post-traumatic stress disorder after my own hellish move (not only did I have an estimated 4,500 lbs. of music/magazines, but also five antiques that are all 120 yrs old).

Quoth an an old friend: "Next time I have to move, I'm burning my shit and starting over."
If you lost "Heaven's end" and "Wolf flow" by Loop, let me know your adress and i will send them to you (for free of course). I have two copies of those records. I will be pleased to give those cds to you who, i know, will apreciate them. That will be my grain of sand to your recovery.

Update? What's up with yer case, Segal?
I did lose those Loop records, Miguel. Your entrance to paradise will be assured if you were to send them, care of The Stranger, but, really, it's beyond the call of duty.

Been badgering Eagle Express for some kind/any kind of monetary compensation, with no luck. The owner promises to send money, but never comes through.
Outright thuggery might be my best bet at this point.
Dave, I don't have time to read all the comments to see if this has been suggested yet but have you been calling record stores & looking on craigslist(or ebay or whatever) to see if somebody has been trying to unload a large collection? Surely in that big of a collection there were some pretty rare gems that if somebody is selling, odds are it's yours. I realize it would be an exhausting process, but obvs worth it. I once had about 200 CD's taken out of my car, not being an "iPod guy" it stung pretty bad. What pissed me off more than anything was the amount of TIME I spent gathering those. About 7 years of purchasing/burning down the tubes. Condolences...
Ok, I'm an idiot. This post is a year old. If anything I just rubbed salt in an old wound. Sorry!
No worries, robotbutler. I haven't done that, but I did make the rounds of area record shops to look for my stuff. I saw some similar titles scattered here and there, but that could've been coincidence.

Sorry to hear about your loss, too.
Possessions are chains bra. chains we lock away in storage.
Every effort made to retrieve my records, get compensation from the moving company, and contact government officials about measures to take failed.
Ms. Billingsley. It's like you peered directly into my mind.
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Lol Yeah, some people just have way too many things, products, accessories, electronics, you try making the list. Some people even have too many garage door openers, but you can never have too many garage doors in Phoenix, AZ. ;)
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