Separating the Music from the Murder

Why Chop Suey Should Keep Hosting Hiphop Shows


Right on! I live in Buffalo, NY and we've had a problem with shootings at hip hop shows over the past couple of years. It's sad that a few thugs that try to settle their beef at these shows, end up hurting innocent victims and tarnish the image of hip hop in general.

Little kids look up to rappers and rappers look up to thugs. Something's gotta change.
What a great story. Important work, beautifully done. Thank you!
Hat's off to you, Charles.
Gangsta rappers, what the ___ ? Grow up and think before you act ! Your actions ruin it for all ! Get a Life and if need be get some Psychiatric help, it is available for free. Turn your anger and hate into supporting your community, not killing them. Kids look up to you, think about being good role models. Promoters, any thing for a packed house eh?
You should be held accountable for lack of professional security, your only objective is to pad your pockets. DJ's Rappers and Hip hoppers seek out good management and promoters. Promoters should pay you a prevailing wage up front, club owners , too.
ah, the 206 crowd.... probably the same crowd that also covers cap hill in all your ugly gang graffiti.

Hows this for an idea, host hip hop in rainier valley???? The us whiteys can drive down if we want....

Oh wait, places there wont host it, due to the violence.

Bullshit. Why should club goers and owners pay such a high price for thug poets glorifying violence? I think it is in the best interests of all that bookers and owners refuse to give these guys a venue. Let them host house parties.
Thanks for this, Charles.
Very well put, Charles.
There's something wrong when you have to beef up security for certain genre of music.
If that is the case, they shouldn't have it at all.
It's like dealing with bunch of 5 years old.
If you can't behave, it's timeout.
If you can't have a show without violence, it's gonna have to stop.
Besides, whether you like it or not if you talk about gangsta crap you are going to attract those gangsta thugs.
What do you think is going to happen if you have bunch of mindless dumbass impressionable beefing kids with weapons in one place.
Of course you will see that kind of violence.
I'm sorry for those who love to spread the gangsta BS through your so-called music but you are part of the problem because you are spreading that kind of hate.
It's not so hard to decipher, it's all about cause and effect.
If you don't book these gangsta crap, you don't have to deal with this BS, period.
Book quality and intelligent hip hop.
Then you will not have to worry about the gangs or the violence.
How hard is that to figure out?!
Sorry, but got too many idiots running the show.
Peace out, and bring REAL intelligent hip hop back!!
Always the hip-hop bunch. 35 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio, same stuff happens on hip-hop night, they bust the joint up and there are shootings!

At least at my age, 58, I am no longer into that stupid stuff.

Same down in Hilton Head! Hip-hop and shootings!

Time for last call? Bars getting
second look after rash of shootings
Hilton Head Island Packet - Jan 5, 2009…
Councilman George Williams said he is concerned Hilton Head's reputation with tourists has been damaged because of bar violence that began last spring, culminating with near-riots of up to 50 people and stabbings and shootings at several south-island ...
Chop Suey's mistake was trying to fill a night where nobody was going to come out by turning to an inexperienced promoter that had no clue what he was doing. There were probably more artists than actual attendants there. Combine that with an ineffective promoter/show producer and you have people with a lot of time on their hands.
this was my response to Greg, an ex-security guard who had some suggestions about how the shootings could have been "avoided" in the "There's a War Going On" article on this site.


i totally agree with you that security SHOULD be run just as you described above...DURING A HIP-HOP show. the truth is, and i know i'll get some crap for this, but i don't care, that a lot of these clubs DON'T NEED to be crazy over the top with security 90+% of the time. why? well, because this crap doesn't usually (IF EVER) happen with the other music crowds they cater to. unfortunately, it's the "HIP-HOP" (gangsta rap DESTROYED this term) crowd that invites this kind of idiotic, chest-beating crime.

think about it. it makes sense. do you really think Chop Suey needs crazy security when relatively small bands come and do a show? NOT the kind that you're talking about. WHY? because people going to those shows AND the performers who are there AREN'T THE TYPE TO SHOOT OTHER PEOPLE! unfortunately, the hip-hop crowd and it's performers seem to not be able to act like civilized human beings. i like hip-hop, but maybe it's time to crack down on this STUPID violence by being more restrictive with WHAT TYPE of hip-hop gets to be performed. it pains me to say this, i'm not about censorship of any kind, but when people are in danger, that's when things need to be brought back to earth.

i think the points in it reflect some of the views of other posters.
It's not about rap or hip hop itself, but the inception of the music. In fact, hip hop was started in the Bronx so that gang members could settle their beefs with b-boy and MC battles. So in essence, the whole idea behind rap was to quell violence and create positive unity. But gangsta rap is an avenue for thugs and wanna-be thugs to boast about their street cred et-cetera. I enjoyed your distinctions among the different types of hip hop. To me, a white boy who grew up in Woodinville and moved about one block from Chop Suey, living closer to the "street" of the city and interacting more with blacks, I can attest to the fact that hip hop like Blue Scholars, Common Market and Silent Lamb Project is far different from the acts that were featured at Chop Suey the night of the shooting. That is not to say that one type of hip hop is better than the other, but that one embraces unity and peace, and the other promotes misogyny and murder. I must admit however, I dig both...
Charles, please quit reviewing movies and write more articles like this. This was spot on.
"Book quality and intelligent hip hop." ha ha how can you book what never exsisted..
Violence and Rap/Hip-hop is a complex issue. But if you're a legitimate club owner why would you even think of hosting a rap night? One shooting and you could lose your entire business or even your life. The chances are low, but why would they take a chance on something like that? It sad. Without live venues to play and work their craft, hip-hop artists will grow more and more stagnate and repetitive. It's already a problem within the genre.
very well put!
You’re absolutely right; we have to see beyond this event.

And as gang violence can thrive wherever it is tolerated, it is still FUCKING SEATTLE.

Still in defence of 'gangsta' main stays such as 'hip hop' venues , etc?.....hopelessly and fatally faux'liberal'...when will it ever end?.....
This article blew me away. Great job Charles-

This is perhaps the most affirming comment thread I have ever seen on the SLOG.
all that needs to be done is to pass out fliers at the door, and make occasional announcements, stating, "OK, just want to make sure everyone knows, we're not really advocating violence, this is ART"
WOW!! It's not hip hop music that makes someone go and shoot innocent people. Let's stop pointing fingers blaming music; the blame goes to person with the gun. Let's take a look at all music venues that have had some sort of violence somehow "attached" to it. Wait.. that can't happen because the only ones that are broadcast across the news and articles are "Hip Hop" concerts. The media can persuade a general population (that already looks down on hip hop music and African Americans) too continue to turn their noses up and give a thumbs down. There's good and bad with everything this world has too offer and Hip Hop music has it's good also.. it's just not so glamorized because the negative aspect is always crammed down your throat.

Whether you ave an idiot pulling out a gun shooting at a folklore festival, a kid dressed in all black going to massacre a whole school, a drive by shooting in the "Hood" and or an abusive cop that shoots his wife then all ties together with a "GUN" and some sort of unstable mental health.

We all need to be responsible for our own actions instead of pointing fingers playing the blame game. I know it's easy for some of you out there to do so because you lack the understanding of hip hop music but instead of using an easy escape educate yourself on Hip Hop because it's more than just music!
Personally, I have a 1 murder rule. If I were the owner of Chop Suey, it would only take 1 murder before I ended Hip-hop night on the spot. Hopefully, Chop Suey will be sued by the victim's families and that can put an end to this nonsense once and for all.
"Nevertheless, hiphop has a real history of violence—to say there is no such connection between the two is to talk crazy. "

It's not complicated. Shut em down. Stop shitting in my neighborhood.
Hate to rain on the parade, but there is the chance that Chop Suey will not be able to host any more hip hop shows. Not because they don't want to support the hip hop community, or try to shake this incident off, but because of insurance. When writing insurance for clubs and bars that host shows, the insurance companies do take in to consideration what sort of music gets played. They're very hesitant to insure places that host hip hop and hard rock due to the violent life style associated with the clientele. With the latest shooting incident, the club will probably have to sign a contract explicitely saying they will not host any more hip hop shows, lest they get their insurance pulled (which would be bad). It's not a matter of wanting to put these on, but a matter of whether they get to.
Seattle is one of the top 10 safest cities in the USA.

Thugs at seattle hip hop shows are fake. Even the ones firing bullets are fake. theyre trying to live out a fantasy.
People still listen to hip hop? That's sad.