Stereo Depravity

A Sonic Youth Mixtape That Takes the Scenic Way to Yr Skull


This is a great list. I would not delete any songs--except maybe "100%". I just don't like Dirty. I would consider adding "Hoarfrost" from A Thousand Leaves. It's right after "Wildflower Soul", and it's achingly beautiful in a way that complements its predecessor. And it's a Lee Ranaldo bit.

Also, great pick with "Wildflower Soul". That song is gorgeous, rich, layered with little gemlike found noises and is girded with a structural arc that is both soaring and stately. It's the pinnacle of one of Sonic Youth's finest albums.
Well I guess what is so great about Sonic Youth and rock music in general is that its so open to one's own ideas and interpretation. To me, A Thousand Leaves is one of the weakest albums of theirs, not discounting New York Stories or whatever it was cause that one sucked. That said - my favorites are alot of Lee's songs where he sings - Skiptracer on Washing Machine, A Junkies Promise on the same one, Eric's trip, The Bedroom - Dont know what one that is on but it always blows my mind esp. live, Dirty Boots, Kool Thing, Disappearer, Tunic, Anything and everything on EVOL, Pink Steam, which is the second to last song on Rather Ripped, listen to it, you just have to dig it too. Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, well maybe Silver Rocked on Daydream Nation, actually everything on Daydream Nation, except for Total Trash. Which is funny, because that is exactly the one Dave picked, so I guess its all good. either way, really excited for them to play the Block Party.
Yeah totally subjective, but I haven't been a fan for as long as others and taking in SY records takes time. I think much of the punchiness of Dirty plays much different when you compare it to the others, but I can only take so much meandering. The first three songs on Dirty, like it or not just kill. Even from this amateurs perspective, I love the experimentation they've done over the years, but sometimes you just need a tiny hook.
I do believe " 'Cross The Breeze " should be on this.
Good list, except...this list proves that any SY best of mix would have to be a 2 disc affair. This list is too short. Everything on this list should be here, but it should also include some of their other (popier) classics. dirty Boots, Kool Thing, Sugar Kane, Teen Age Riot, Schizophrenia, Sunday. Damn, when is the SY box set coming out? They must have at least 6 full discs worth of stuff, including rarities, and their more experimental SY instrumental releases, covers, live songs, etc,