On the Road

Eight Stories About Being in Love While Being on Tour


What a thoughtful and enjoyable piece this is. I particularly appreciated Sabzi and Sean Nelson's contributions, and I'll be sad to see Harvey Danger go.
this was a great read. thanks for sharing everyone.
I could not make music "work" as its the therapy that has endured the villains and bad times and disasters and ignorant women the army and prison.

On the other hand I wont let that giant squid of love wrap me in its arms and take me under into the sea of love were you live in a fantasy land until the gorton fisherman pulls you in and you are nothing but a fish stick.

As well I'm not touring for a crap label in a crap van with the Dallas cowboy cheer leaders if for some odd reason a woman has her claws in me good.

Being in a dysfunctional family and relations has got me to the point of "Zero Tolerance" for kind of sort of? sort of home! kind of happy!

In short if you find yourself close to the sea of love you better make like a sperm whale and get your love on! if your a dad you need to be home to be a dad! sorry! no excuses out side of im really just a biological father or a military mad man?

if your playing bars and clubs then you got no business leaving for six weeks and if your not making money enough to fly home every week you have no business playing at clubs and bars

Its very true you have to love your work but "family first" is one of those forever things that you ride with till you die.

If the the war bucks are being offered then you "have to" break the love off with a big kiss a speech about how war bucks is involved and its an investment in our future so if you love me when I come back and I love you then we can pick it up where we left off!

But no! you don't go prancing across America with the hopes your lovers crotch has stopped working.

Some people need to be held everynight and feel loved every minute and some people need a kick in the ass to get their lungs started?

Love is the reason I work! work is not the reason I love

Music is my temple! a place I dont take my lover a place I dont worry about Money!

I look at the floor and I see that it needs sweeping! "still" my guitar gently weeps.
Note for Khaela - enjoyed the ABBA references, but just so ya know ... Super Trouper is actually a type of big concert light. Crooner Teddy Thompson covered this song the last time he was in town, and he explained the meaning of the phrase itself.