Bad Boy Gone Good

Chris Mansfield Gets His Shit Together with Fences


look at big bad Grandy interviewing his coke buddy! Whos a good boy?? you are!!!!
"'I was learning how to play [jazz] because it's so annoyingly hard,' says Mansfield, over a beer and a shot at a Capitol Hill bar during a dark and rainy weekday happy hour. "

kill me please.
fuck you guys. that kid is a great musician and the band is great and the songs are great. and he doesn't do coke. i normally dont love grandy's writing, but this is good.
fuck you guys. Christopher doesnt do coke. His band is great & the record is great. I normally don't love Grandy's writing, but this is a good piece. I'm looking forward to the show on Saturday.
Hooray for Megan Seling!
Fences is awesome! Can't wait for the record.
So he puts his music into the garbage? We really can tell, because it fucking sucks! He sounds like a pussy little New Englander-rich-BackBayBoy-turned-hipster who decided to develop a drinking problem. Learn how to write some songs, kid.
A good, honest take on a talented, complicated musician who deserves more chances than a lot of people have given him.

Nice work Grandy.
what is this article to appeal to children? he barely talks about the guys music (which sounds like an even mellower bright eyes) but is more concerned with his image and pedigree. fuck ! i have "classical" training and am troubled...i was gang fucked by a bunch of carnies by the age of seven; gimme a record contract ! write about the fucking music grandy, your doing everyone a disservice, you even do elliott a disservice by relating him in this shit article.
man, i saw them play last night and it was one of the most ridiculous shows i have seen. so bad! the lyrics are horrible and riddled with cliches and the songs all sound the same, which isn't a good thing. when they finished playing mr. mansfield ran of stage leaving everyone else to clean up his shit. he is nowhere near good enough to act like that miuch of a rockstar.

i also find it offensive, that musiccares payed for him to go to rehab and he still drinks, not to mention the fact that he blatantly says he has rich parents, who i am sure could of fronted the bill for his stint in rehab. that way someone who could of really used the help would of gotten it.
" leaving everyone else to clean up his shit" haha. You're a joke. He had one guitar, which went off the stage with him. Hate as much as you want, you still took a good 30 minutes out of your day to write about him. And impeccable grammar by the way, you sound like a real bright character.
well, first off, he didn't leave the stage carrying his guitar. he had two guitars and a sweatshirt that some other guy, who wasn't even in the band carried off the stage for him. also, you use quotations wrong and haha isn't a complete sentence.
it's the stage/production manager's job to strike the stage when an act is finished. the show was great.
the show was great, it would of just been better if fences hadn't played. weird that everyone else cleaned up after themselves. guess the stage manager was too busy carrying a sweatshirt to carry their stuff.
So, he's a spoiled rich boy who blew his parents money on various whims, such as learning jazz, for which he demanded $6000 basses, and which he then dropped like a hot potato (prestigious college bedamned) when he realized he could get more girls playing indie folk, so he got some "I'm totally hard" face tattoos and moved to Seattle to be a scenester until he finally managed to piss the whole city off and attempted to repair his image by accepting charity money to get treatment for an alcohol problem he had no intention of actually treating. Kid sounds like a winner.
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