Music Nov 25, 2010 at 4:00 am

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Songs of Gratitude and Gorging


Kanye West is a no talent douchebag.
Kanye West is a no talent douchebag !
what outkast song was "be thankful..." sampled on" because i know my 'kast and old school funk pretty well and also can find nothing on the internets to support your outkast/be thankful claim.

kanye may be an egotistical douche, but the man can produce beats with the best of them.
@3 - "West Savannah" as resung by Sleepy Brown.
Keep trying with The Fall, David... if you make the breakthrough you get a huge catalogue of complex and bedeviling music to investigate for years to come!

"Eat Y'self Fitter" is a tough place to start. As long as you are listening to Perverted By Language why don't you give "Garden" a spin. A personal favorite.

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