Marxist Punk Funk and the Xbox Paradox

Gang of Four Capitalize on Their Legend


Maybe it should have been "Capitalism catches you like a case of anthrax, and that's something I don't want to catch."

I do, however, appreciate their introspection. Usually, political bands are mostly interested in the relationship of themselves against the society/system. GO4, however, seem to be concerned with the relationship of themselves within the society/system. I guess you can say they acknowledge Baudrillard's endgame—that all relations, social, commercial, and otherwise, are trapped within consumer capitalism/spectacle.

I'm still not totally comfortable, though, with the Xbox commercial. The irony seems too aesthetic and not anarchic enough for me—there's not enough subversion. Irony can be subversive, but this strikes me as too much of an inside joke. It's a problem of medium. The irony falls a little flat when presented through the official medium of bourgeois control.

By the way, this is subject matter primed for Mudede. Where's the resident Marxist when you need him?