Cave Reviewers

A Bunch of People Who Don't Normally Write About Music (and Some Who Do) Listen to the New Cave Singers Album, No Witch


Huh. Curious to see how this new format of having mostly non-music writers write album reviews, works out. While it has that potential for funny gems like my mother's infamous "Oh I just can't stand that Mike Jagger!", it seems like it could take awhile to really dial it in. I think that the great wit is the universal love of the Stranger reader. Looking forward to next week's attempt.
I like this format, but what I'm taking away from these reviews is that this album is not worth my time nor money. *1/2
I only listened to "All Land Crabs and Divinity Ghosts", Cienna's recommendation. The drummer is so ahead of the beat, it's like painful to listen to. Who produced this? Why did they let that happen? This could have been a great song, but the drummer makes it almost unlistenable.
I got a "pre-release" of the cd...and I think it fucking amazing! A true musical genius takes risks and thats what they do. People love to put things in a little box and hate it when people take an unexpected turn. I love the new ideas these guys are experimenting with and I thinks its awesome. The fact that non-music writers are giving their critique on this album it totally subjective and to bullshit! Lets encourage bands to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with new shit...thats what makes true musical genius!
I think this format is bullshit...what do these people know about music, their opinion is totally subjective. I got a pre-release copy of the album and loved it. They had balls enough to take risks and step outside their comfort zone...I applaud them. The tracks are amazing and represent a band that will not be put in a box just to appease their audience. I am excited about the direction the Cave Singers are taking!!
@1: This week's music lead is by Dave Segal, and it is really, really funny—like funnier than all the rest of us put together.
@4/@5: Hey don't's probably not going to happen very much! You two...sound amazingly alike!
it's probably not irony, but the fact that former music editor Eric Grandy reviewed this album for pitchfork is kinda funny.

also, since we have Bethany's attention, can the paper please stop with the Dave Segal twitter roundups? If I wanted to read his tweets, I'd get a twitter account.
We should get Steven Seagal twitter roundups instead. I'd read the heck out of that.
@Bethany, you're doing a great job of making Grant Brissey appear irrelevant.
I haven't listened to this album yet, but it'll happen at some point. I consider myself a fan but not a die-hard fan. I saw them in Bellingham a couple years ago and enjoyed the show immensely so I always recommend the live shows to friends.

Here's the thing about the Cave Singers - I've always felt like they bring your ears right up to the edge of an orgasm and then abruptly walk away. It's almost as if they just can't seem to push you over. the. edge. I always feels like they're on the verge of something amazing (even though I know the songs backwards and forwards) and then the song is over.

So sudden. So sad. But still, I listen and hope that maybe next time they'll get there.
@7: That's the funny part—PRINTING tweets! Right? Ha?
@8: YES. I'll get Grant right on it...
@9: soon as I can find him and wake him up.