Rap Urbanism

J. Pinder Finds His Place in Urban Hiphop


Charles, you're writing is always pedantic and verbose. You seem to have lost touch with the very community that you speak of as incipient in the creation of the culture. The only reason why white people have such a strangle on rap music is because of flunkies to the system like yourself. Who do you intend to inspire with this wordy show of indoctrination? They don't talk like that in the CD or the Southend. Might should refocus.
Shoutout to Pinder though. Keep getting it. Dude deserves every bit of success he gets.
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Charlie Muddled, as usual trying too hard and failing even harder.
I'm glad that Charles writes in a way that is true to himself and doesn't attempt to patronise his readers by assuming that street means simple. There is always room.
Hey Scrubdede, I'd revoke your pass but it's unlikely you ever had one, Stan. What you don't know or even begin to understand about local hip hop could fill a book. Please don't write one! Mark.
@1: It's funny you say that about this article, because I was struck by how refreshingly free of Mudede's usual Critical Theory name-dropping this piece is. (When was the last time you failed to notice a mention of Foucault in one of his articles?). But this piece was, for me, a revelation, and it's the voice and consciousness that you should always strive for, Charles. However, I was kind of surprised that you were so subtle and professional in the section where you observe "But it's not hard to see how there might be resentment about the state of things [in Seattle hip-hop], particularly in light of hiphop history." You wouldn't, perhaps, be referring to some schlocky, overly earnest wannabe like Macklemore, here, would you? I wish you'd specifically gone there in this piece, but hopefully folks got the point. Again, great observations (and advocacy) here, Charles.