Fuck You, Lady Gaga

The Grimy, Sleazy Stumblebum Brass Band


Saw these guys one night in the East Villiage in Manhattan. It was 3:30 in the morning. The bar I was in, a sleazy punk rock club called the Double Down was relatively quiet, with the exception of the midget porn playing on all the TV's like it was a football game or something. In walk these three guys, one has a trumpet and a bullhorn, the other a snare drum strapped around his neck and the third guy a tuba. The dude with the bullhorn jumps up on top of the bar, the others follow suit. And within seconds the entire bar of sleepy patrons was in full on dance mode. Some guy from Canada who was visiting NY for the first time turned to me and said, "is this really happening right now?" I said welcome to New York. Needless to say this completely unexpected turn of events became the single greatest live music experience of my life. After 20 minutes of full blown insanity, the three jumped down from atop the bar, now covered in spilled beer from them knocking over pint after pint, and left just as quickly as they came. Ah yes, welcome to New York.
Nice! Great story.
Lady Gaga rejects the idea of fucking you. She saw your teeth...
Was an awesome show ! The SBB brought it with them fo sho!
Was an awesome show!