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Thanks to Nik Christofferson, Seattle's Music Scene Is Heavy Again

Seattle’s top heavy-rock facilitator. Whitman Dewey-Smith


Don't let people give you shit for liking Pearl Jam, Nik! I pretty much learned how to play guitar from listening to the first few albums...which explains why to this day my guitar solos sound like some fifth rate Stevie Ray Vaughn bullshit.
Oh I don't man. I will wear my love for that band on my sleeve 'til death.
Nik is exactly what Seattle needs. This is fucking awesome, Megan. Deep respect and very best wishes to GTD and its incredible releases!
Hell yeah. I met Nik through Aaron in Ancient Warlocks a little over a year and a half ago when he was doing the DJ thing and immediately felt a connection. I read his blog and thought, well, FINALLY someone is paying attention to the wealth of hard and heavy bands in Seattle....awesome! It always seemed strange that the type of music that put this city on the map (even early artists like Heart, Hendrix etc.) historically have all been HEAVY and yet the bands flying that flag were completely overlooked. He was actively going to probably like 5 shows a week and constantly discovering "new" awesome bands. Of course, none of us were really that "new", but really, outside of our small circles, we were new to anybody else and Nik provided exposure (and love) for many excellent bands. I asked a "buzz" band from Portland to come play with us up here and SRG sponsored the show. I feel like around that time he was becoming a force in Seattles heavy scene right up there with Adam Noble Bass (Ladies Choice). It was just a natural progression to start putting these bands out, theres a goldmine of artists to choose from right now and he's doing great! I remember when he told me he was starting the label, I mentioned that a friend of mine tried that a couple years earlier and was buried in the costs and to be careful not to release too many bands at once etc. and he got a little pissed and raised his voice and said "yeah, well, I'm gonna do it anyway, failure is NOT an option!". I'd have to say that he has been kicking ass and I am both happy to know him and proud of what he's done for himself, the bands he's choosing to sign and for heavy music in Seattle all around. Keep kickin ass Nik, show 'em how it's done man.
Much appreciated Eric!
...and Chris!
I love you, Lee.
Callie, I thought you had a profile here? wha happa?
Sorry, Pearl Jam sucks now and always has. They are almost as prefab as the Monkeys and they write "music" for crybabies.

On the other hand I'm glad someone is promoting heavy music in this sterilized and feminized city once known as Seattle.

With Nik's help maybe this city can grow it's balls back someday.
I want to be Nik Christofferson when I grow up!
Great work Nik. Bring the heavy back, please. It's what made us ! Go Monarchs, Brokaw, Sandrider. We got u. We good, we good. Thanks for the fight a few months back, I like the passion. Matt Vaughan
Seattle is extremely lucky to have Matt Vaughan and Easy Street Records! I shop there weekly, have for 10 years.

Thanks again for the having the Monarchs. Great success!!

Very inspiring. I contacted Nik asking about info on his blog and shows in Seattle and he got right back to me. If Nik is planning on repping any bands from Portland TOWERS wants on Good TO Die. Heavy bands, heavy label, all for the love of it.

I contacted Nik asking about info on his blog and shows in Seattle and he got right back to me. If Nik is planning on repping any bands from Portland TOWERS wants on Good TO Die. Heavy bands, heavy label, all for the love of it. We played a show a few months back with Monogamy Party, those guys rock!

Man, you guys are really determined to break this label, huh?
Rock On!
It would be cool if this momentum lasted, but I'm skeptical. Since moving here 7 years ago, I've seen spurts like this in the scene which eventually die out. I'm still very confused by the flaky culture in Seattle. I apologize if I offend, but it seems that the city is desperate to find an identity (musically as well) and people jump on bandwagons only to abandon them later. Seems to be more about being seen on the scene than rather than being a passionate fan. This doesn't diminish the fact that there are great musicians and bands out there, I just don't see the support everyone keeps talking about (on a long term basis).
Go get 'em Nik. I love heavy music. Seattle produces a lot of it and there are a ton of fans, but noone to lift 'em up. Crank the volume. I'm stoked about this label I think I'm gonna check it out right now!
I'm kinda with dodo.
Nice enough guy, good shows, but are we really creating what seems to be a self-authored mythology about, like, what - TWO years of a guy's work and how he's "on" the internetz getting in trouble? I mean really. Melvins, greater than 25 years. Neurot Recordings, over a decade. Tad, close to 20 years. The list goes on. This is way premature self-congratulations here. And, btw, the GtD bands aren't HEAVY. Everyone wants a return to grunge for some reason, and this is what the label is supplying. Curious. Not progress. Not an epic tale of breaking any ground. Nice try, tho. More calorie-free writing from The Stranger.
I suppose there will always be some naysayers. I could care less. If you choose not to participate and be supportive then you're not invited to the party. Simple as that.

"There were little groups of bands who'd play with each other, and it's totally different now. Everybody seems to be super-stoked, everybody wants to play with each other, everybody's building each other up."

Is that true? Why the Omelet dissing?

Ever since I picked up a zine that you made to promote Seattle Rock Guy a couple years ago I've been a huge fan of your shows/blog/label. I was so damn thrilled that someone was FINALLY focusing on heavy music in this city.

For two years I listened to Sandrider's tracks they posted on myspace desperately wishing they would release the full album. You made it happen. THANK YOU. You are a supreme badass.

Congrats on Good To DIe's success Nik! You deserve it.
@9 You don't need balls to rock. Fuck macho posturing bullshit. We don't need that in this scene. "Feminine" doesn't equal weak.
@23 Amen.
I love love love Nik and Good to Die.... F YES!
Thanks everyone!
No problem, big fella'!!!
If you would like to see one of the heaviest, most melodic bands in Seattle...look no further than Ocelot Omelet. Their full length speaks for themselves. Also, they are unsigned as of now. They will open up for Super Geek League in Tacoma this upcoming Friday. They shred and will blow most prog bands away. They will leave Pearl Jam in the dust.
28: Funny, I don't see anything written anywhere about them. Are you sure they exist? Sounds like a made up name for the next Wiggles album.
@28... Y'see, that's the problem. You're actually supposed to LISTEN to music, not read what someone else has to say about it.
I was dubious at first, but then realized- whoa, that's that band with the ties to Charles Manson and the Church of Satan! Slap me with a stick of butter- that's about as METAL as it gets in this town.
Don't let 'em get to close to your backside, either, 'cause they'll put some technical stuff up there for good measure.
@28... Y'see, that's the problem. You're actually supposed to LISTEN to music, not read what someone else has to say about it.
I was dubious at first, but then realized- whoa, that's that band with the ties to Charles Manson and the Church of Satan! Slap me with a stick of butter- that's about as METAL as it gets in this town.
Don't let 'em get to close to your backside, either, 'cause they'll put some technical stuff up there for good measure.
Yeah, the bands on this label are not heavy. Anhedonist is. Theories is. Great Falls is. The Melvins are. This stuff is just grunge redux, as someone said.
derpin: saying Sandrider and Dog Shredder are not heavy is basically saying to the world "i am a fucking useless turd that knows nothing".
I saw that ocelot omelete are playing the 2012 Seattle mediocore fest. It's them with about 100 other local bands. bands get two drink tickets each, good for licking each others tears (instead of wiping them up with the stranger like you usually would). guest lists can only include non-family member fans, so no one is on it.
Someone's jimmies have been rustled!
@35 you should repost that as terrible drummer, yaya666, or one of your other totally sweet names!
What YOU should do is take lessons from me. $50 an hour and I'll show you the technique that got me on a GOLD record.
$50 an hour seems like a lot to learn how to ruin a band. But what the hell. Do you take checks?
I'm open for a 'shed any time, brother. And yes, I'll take your food stamps. I WILL play circles, squares and triangles around you. Guaranteed.
@39: Listen buddy - I KNOW how to play drums, and I am the one who would play circles aroun...oh who am I kidding.

Two years ago, Nik asked me to contribute some photos to SRG. My first thought was, "If people are going to see my photos, I better start taking better photos." Thanks, Nik!
I'm with derpin'. What is this, 1994? GRIND!
The god awful future of music as the naysayers on this thread see it.…

good luck to you.
@37 The only way you could get a gold record is by breaking into Eddie Vedder's house.
For the record, you aren't gonna see much in the way of doom and gloom on Good to Die. Not really my style, though I think local metal acts like Anhedonist, Scourge Schematic, and a majority of Joe Grindo's many bands like Theories are badass!

I grew up listening to the Melvins, TAD, Mudhoney, and later bands like Karp and Harkonen. For my money there have been no better NW bands EVER, and I could care less about finding the next futuristic sounds. Fuck that noise, it sucks!

Sandrider. Monogamy Party. Dog Shredder. Deadkill. Brokaw. Absolute Monarchs.

It doesn't get much better.

I'll be at the Comet on Saturday and Barboza on Thursday if you wanna stop in and say hi. I wouldn't mind putting a face to a piece of shit troll.


Commence fucktarded reply now....
How the hell can a person call Dog Shredder and Monogamy Party grunge? The only answer: the person was smashed over the head with a forty. C'mon, people. Brokaw destroys! Deadkill brings the awesome punk ditties, and Sandrider FUCKING RULES! Oh, oh, ABSOLUTE MONARCHS! Yeah, GTD! Even if some dumb shit calls it grunge, keep bringin' it. If that is the case - GRUNGE RULES!

@45: Just saw Samothrace two hours ago. It ruled, Joe rules, and their new record rules. Look out for it late summer.
wow. isn't this a lively thread?

My name is Austin and I founded Ocelot Omelet in October 2005, shortly before I moved to Seattle. This is coming straight from the source, so bash ME if you must. I would like to go on the record and state that no member of this band has said anything negative about Nik, Good to Die, or any of the bands on that label. We work hard at what we do and the only reason you've even heard of us is a direct result of that hard work. The fact that there is any scene here in Seattle is a testament to the passion of people active in it like Nik, Adam Bass and hard working bands. It would be nice if we could evolve past the point of mindless shit talking.

I spoke to Nik on this matter via email, and we both agree this is a little ridiculous, so I'm here to set the record straight in a mature and professional manner:

@29: "Seattle's Ocelot Omelet have been grinding through their psychedelic dirges for a number of years, with a heady, steady stream of brain-warping tunes you can toot your horn (and pipe) to. -TRAVIS RITTER, the Stranger, January 12, 2010

check it out:…


"Here in Seattle, if you like metal—especially stoner-y "trans-dimensional" metal—you should go to the Highline for Ocelot Omelet's album release show tonight..." - Kelly O

which can be found here:…



Dude, what's your beef? I realise it's easy to tear down something you don't understand, but if you don't like it that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. On the other hand, I would be honored by the opportunity to demonstrate our prowess at our next Seattle show.

I'll put you on our guest list. Hell, I'll PAY YOUR COVER. Crawl on out of the woodwork and it is done.

We seek progression and evolution in music and a more elevated art form, and no one sounds like us. Love it or hate it, it is ART first and foremost and our contribution toward a vibrant scene in Seattle.

I hope that helps clear the air on this nonsense...


Ocelot Omelet
This Omelet? You have GOT to be kidding me. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME.
Dear Endangered Breakfast,


Good to Die owns. No other local label puts passion into promoting and supporting their acts. Keep up the the good fight, whether or not it's fully appreciated. I would be honored to work with someone with such conviction and artistic sensibility. We need more Niks and less dicks

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