Mutual Slump

The Mixed Blessings of DJ Shadow's Creative Restlessness


I remember when I went to art school I encountered numerous little uppermiddle class white boys who listened to this. But if you really step back, it all just sounds so melo-dramatic. Middle class white boys get "serious" with the "turntable". I am glad I never ever fell victim for that scene.
“when i went to art school” you are a dork. and you don’t know shit.
"when i went to art school i was a total duchebag"
@3 whatever, you and your wannabe middle class hiphop whiteboys need to get real fast. That dork is just some little shit from San Jose. All dubbings and loops. Yeah, it sounds real "deep" when you dub someone's voice over some crappy loop. Now go back home and live with your parents and smoke grass. You are the dope. I think his "Building Steam with a Grain of Salt" is quite telling: he built up a bunch of shit from nothing, hollow on the inside, seemingly heavy on the out.
calm down, art school.
I highly regret going to art school. I am proudly an English teacher now and work with REAL African immigrants who need vital assistance with English. You on the other hand just pretend to be "black" without actually seeing the bigger picture. Art is just a well-deserved hobby that I engage in, one which I refuse to give up for you negative hip-hop, kasimir malevich, negative, basquiat-faking, pseudo-New-Yorkers.
I grew up a poor white kid and find Shadow's music to be extremely influential on a daily basis. He's a legend for a reason...

Also, please michijo, do us all a favor next time and keep your mouth shut on topics such as the art form of turntablism. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and you are just making yourself look like an ass here...
@8 I didn't choose my roommates in school, and I had to live in a two bedroom with 3 other guys, and they all listened to DJ Shadow. One had his own turntables. I think it was a big mistake. All three were from upper-middle class backgrounds in the suburbs of smaller cities. It goes without saying that the angry black white boy has taken GrandMaster Flash's turntable from the South Bronx and turned it into some little suburban wet dream. We would all be better off without this pop-cultural phenomenon. My favorite of course is DJ Lambchops. DJ lambchops "rules the school"!…
im sure art school regrets you also.
oh look its an inane argument over class in the first world
@11 What I am discussing is not class but American cliches. In this case the stoney-faced west-coast white hiphop artist is the cliche in question. More and more I think there is some kind of oppression coming from popular culture and the mass media with these figure-heads, a popular culture dictatorship, with DJ shadow as one of the Gestapo.
cool DJ!
I like him! :)