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Seattle Future-Beats Wizards Nice&AO Enter the Zone


I don't think a week goes by without Segal raving about this dude. He's alright...still needs time to develop...
fire beats man. these guys rule
wow lol at the hater above me...unreal lol
"I brought three songs instead: Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride," Et Cetera's "Lady Blue," and Sensations' Fix's "Music Is Painting in the Air"—none of which they'd ever heard.
Nice&AO immediately started working digital magic on them"

God be praised! They created something out of something previously created! It's creative genius!

What a bunch of derivative rubbish. Oh, the miracle of remixing and turning something creative (which they did not create) into something else and then calling it a creation. Sorry, boys: get a musical instrument and learn how to play it. You don't have the excuse of being impoverished 1980s inner-city youth with little resources. Musical equipment is more accessible than EVER. Stop rationalizing and start composing, lazy white boys.

Why does anyone give a shit about this kind of pseudo music?
This is a well written article about horrible music. You guys like to make "fire" beats that swing and slump. We get it. Ugh, sorry to say but that AO guy sounds like a douche. I DO NOT want this to be the future face of seattle hip hop.
"I think we've practiced for a total of five hours since we started this project,"

"We don't try very hard, but everything we do is so fiery, so people are gonna hate on us."

Excellent reporting.

Terrible article..dis-service to music as a whole..
Wow, terrible article, does music a dis-service.. Depressing.
@4 - I'm not sure whether you missed a memo or I did. I was under the impression that modern culture had outgrown the need defend the artistry of electronic and/or sample-based music.
How is this any different from other loop based hip hop beats? Why is this considered "Future" and what are the characteristics that distinguish them apart from the beats that we hear from other "post Dilla" producers? Are these guys doing anything new, or are they just following a trend?

Looped sample based music is extremely formulaic. Grab a loop, add drums and a bass line then call it done. I just see two kids trying to do something that's been done already.

The music isn't that great nor special in any way, but also not horrible.
While this isn't the second coming or anything, the number of people on here who know jack-shit about sampled music is ricockulously high. Get the fuck out of the electronic music section of the paper if you don't know what the fuck any of this is about.

Doesn't play an instrument? Loop based music is easy? Fucking idiots.
this is some higher level shit.
music is an instrument unto its self, a cascade of crashing sounds and derivatives.
props to those who see sound as a channel of vibration and nothing less.
Well they're cute… but the timing sounds off and it's self masterbatory!
for the record nate knows how to play several instruments at a fairly skilled level. get off these guys for doing something they just enjoy doing.

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