Music Dec 19, 2012 at 4:00 am

Ted Narcotic's Taxicab Music Show

Living life unfiltered. kelly o


i definitely got a ride from this guy once. he was blasting a song about rock and roll dinosaurs or something. nice guy.
I listen to my Ted Narcotic CD all the time! He likes to do nice things for you.
We once got a ride from him, also. He gave us 4 diff albums, and theyre amazing. My fave has to be "singing for a trout". Perfect for being strung out on heroin in a desert.…
i wish every cab driver was as cool as this guy!
"No, I say. There's no harm in recording the music you want to hear. A lot of musicians, and more famous musicians, can't even do that." Excellent. Always wanted to know more about Ted. Thanks. Have you ever thought about interviewing Eric Apoe?
I used to watch him on public access. He had a cute blonde sidekick named Racey Traci.

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