Lady Gaga

On Ferns, Fear, and Her Singing Toothbrush


Why does she pretend that she came from nothing. "I dropped out of college and waitressed and made it happen"... blah blah blah." She forgets to mention that her parents are multimillionaires and supported her.

She should acknowledge her upper class 1 % roots.

Most people can't drop out of school, waitress, and support their families. Most people right now have trouble finding a job. Her simplistic advice is offensive, and is very common from those born with a silver spoon stuck firmly up their ass.

She says she "doesn't care about money", that's because she has always had oodles of it.
Glad she is talented and has given money to charity. That's great. However, her whole attitude reeks of someone who was born rich, and has never had to worry about money, getting a job, or anything like that. It's easy to do what you want when you are young when you are born in a family that is extremely wealthy, like hers. You have nothing to loose. I don't think she really has any idea how much people struggle in this country just to pay the rent. It's clear from her ticket prices and from her decision to play godmother to a baby that was bought from someone ( I mean a surrogate). Surrogacy is the new slavery.
She donates TONS of money. She changes people's lives for the better. She fights HIV and AIDS. She's a positive role model for a lot of people.

And you all have a problem with her?

There are a lot of other people that you all should actually be critical of.

Why don't you go talk to one of the causes she's donated MILLIONS of dollars to and tell them how terrible and rich Lady Gaga is.
Yay for her charitable gifts! Boo for her attitude about her success, and how to be successful, totally disingenuous and misleading. Why can't she just say she was born rich? I think that would be a little more honest than her BS about struggling as a waitress in NY. Pleeeeze.
4 - so should she take back the money she's given and made for causes?
Tripoli, Libya? Or Tripoli, Lebanon?
yes, while wearing a meat dress and riding a Yeti. I would pay to see that.
7 - we'll donate the money you pay to charity.
"For me, I want it all to have a real story that will bring back the superfan." - Gaga. I will be a superfan when she tells her real story - that she's always been super rich entitled American Princess.…
Her being "super rich and entitled" should only make you respect her more. Bitch works her ass off, and is really good at her job.
I respect her as an artist and I respect that she is extremely charitable. However, I would respect her more if she was honest about her background to the press in interviews like these. Also, I think telling people that it's easy to make it if you just believe in the dream and work hard - without mentioning her wealthy background and 20 years of professional voice lessons and piano lessons - is dishonest as well. For most of us, without her huge advantages, success is much harder.
Every commenter here gets a free toothbrush. Ritzidean, you get 5, plus an extra one for the meat dress/Yeti combo.

David's right. She works hard. She does good.

I didn't really ask her about her financial background. And I don't think she should be sorry for taking piano and voice lessons. She writes and co produces all her own music.

I'm glad Gaga is out there. I hope she gets even richer so she can donate even more money to more causes.
She is being honest about her background. Why does everyone have the need to pick on her for such reasons? I really don't understand.
What do you mean by "surrogacy is the new slavery"? Some of us are actively considering surrogacy for reasons other than money. I'm not a slave to my body, nor should you tell me I am a slave for deciding what to do with my fertility.
Great, how can I pick up my $90 worth of toothbrushes. And what part of the $14.95 per brush goes to charity (?).

I am surprised they are being sold at Target (and Walmart) considering how much money Target has given to anti-gay politicians in the last few years and Walmart's national reputation for discrimination in the workplace, corruption, and using dangerous sweatshops. But Hey ! Gaga doesn't care about money.
#14, if you were extremely wealthy would you consider renting out your womb and selling a baby? No, of course you wouldn't. Why not do it for free if money has nothing to do with your decision? If you want to learn about surrogacy and slavery, read about how women in India are being forced into birthing clinics for rich overseas couples and held basically captive. Surrogacy should be illegal (and is in most states) for a reason.
Love her. Love the article. Thanks, Trent!
@13, it's not everyone. It's just ritzidean. He must've been "wronged" by her, somehow.
@14: In Canada it's illegal to be paid for surrogacy, yet people still do it.
Awesome. It must be fun to explain to your 7 year old that he/she was a black market baby, sold like a slave from a "birthing vessel"
i saw the toothbrushes on sale at walgreens for $4.99.
One of your finest, Trent.
So what if she was born in to a rich, or even upper-middle class, family? No one chooses the family they're born into. And just because your family gives you piano and voice lessons doesn't mean you don't have to work to be any good. Seriously, she could just go sit in Crete and never work another day in her life and not give a penny to charity, but she's not--she's putting herself out there and encouraging people.

Yeah, you have to work hard to get places in this world, and some people have to work harder than others. Life isn't fair. Boo hoo.
Damn son, you going in with the Lady Gaga. Am I too late for a toothbrush?