An Interview With Tracy Morgan

Out of His Mother’s Womb


I wish you had asked about his stance on same-sex marriage. Even if he had replied with "I don't want to talk about it", you would have reminded him about shit that matters.
Well, that ended a little abruptly. I want to hear more about this flogging... Does Tracy Jordan like flogging?
It's hard to tell if this is a real interview or just a publicist’s statement.
Way to confirm the uptight Seattlelite image: "Hi, Welcome to Seattle. You made a bigoted joke against gays before. Do you think they should marry?"

That's like an interview in Utah that begins like this: "Hi, Welcome to Salt Lake. You made an anti-Mormon joke before. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior?"

Dude won't be back to Seattle and I don't blame him.
3- It was a real interview with a real human being who was the real Tracy Morgan. Verbatim. If you think Tracy Morgan talks like a publicist's statement, blame Tracy Morgan.

1- I was fully planning on asking him, but our "time" was over quickly. It all happened so fast.

2- Tracy Jordan takes extreme pleasure in being flogged. Especially when Christopher uses his titanium ruler, "Sven", and follows through with topspin.
@5 Sorry, that was a little snarky, what I should of said is that his publicist is a more interesting interview than he is. It pisses me off that he feels he can say anything he wants in the name of comedy, but has such a long list of off topics he's personally sensitive to.
I feel sorry for you, Trent. I would have asked him about the gay marriage thing too - but then I wouldn't have your job unless they forced it on me at gunpoint.
5- He'll come back to Seattle if he wants to come back to Seattle. Nothing I said will have anything to do with that at all. I'm not uptight, and I don't think anything I said to him, or his publicist was uptight.

There was a huge firestorm over the anti-gay remarks he made. He had to go on CNN and apologize. New laws in Washington (and the world) have been made and battled over concerning same sex marriage. Pride is coming up. I was interested to know what his thoughts were now, on it all. And I think other people would be interested to hear what he had to say as well. I don't think it would have been out of line at all for me to ask him about it.

And from his his standpoint, wouldn't he welcome it? Wouldn't he want another chance to clear the air? It wasn't like I was haranguing him about it.

Would it have been uptight for me to award him his own Cupid Float in the Pride Parade? I have a diaper he can wear, and a Nerf bow and arrow set.
oops meant that for 4, "Confluence".
6, I agree.
well, you should have fucking asked him about it then. first question out. balls first.
@8, I totally agree. This is a lot of peanut gallery criticism. Most writers wouldn't have started the piece with what the publicist told them they couldn't ask. It's fair disclosure, and about as much as you can do. The guy's obviously going to blow the interview if you start with that question. It's an entertainment weekly, not an ambush journalism rag. I think you captured who he is and why he's in town. Fair piece.
Well done, Trent. Morgan is a funny man, too bad he said those foolish things. I for one would have liked to hear what he has to say about it now. I'd like to give him a second chance.

Tainte, he asks that and interview is over. Your "balls first" gets you zero interview.
Confluence, you're the most uptight one here.
Hole E Shiit. Tracy! Trent! Tracy why'd you say those terrible thingsss I was your fan ! Whoever brought up Salt Lake City kinda loses. Astronaut Jones was a good one though.
Tracy doesn't want to talk about Tina Fey? You know where he'd be without Tina Fey? Ask Garrett Morris.
How many times in all did he call himself a genius?
"Confluence's activity is hidden."

Isn't that all you really need to know? Anonymity is one thing, but if you aren't willing to even own up to where the mask you wear has been and what it's been up to, I'm not sure why you should be welcomed into the dialogue as though you had anything to offer.

Given what you had to work with, Trent, it was a good interview. I'd have been curious to hear his answer to the question that you didn't ask, but I think not leading with it was the right choice; the rest was probably out of your hands.
It really bugs me that he talked about himself in third person, and called himself a genius, twice.
Most stellar, Trent. I like the Oprah question. There would have been so many good questions if you'd known about him going to his mother's water breaking. He was a genius in his Mom's womb too I'm sure.
@16 "You know where he'd be without Tina Fey? Ask Garrett Morris."

well this is certainly the shittiest thing I read in this thread
I would say, yes, his Mom's water breaking was a break. Great response. I like Tracy but think that he could maybe stop calling himself a genius, and maybe stop hating gays? And yea, if Moorman starts the interview off hitting him with the Gay question, it's over. Entertaining read.
I'm going to try to interview him for the Atlanta Journal Constitution next month. I'm curious what sort of off-limit topics the publicist throws at me at the last second if I get it!