The Holy Unholy

Black Sabbath Returns


It will be LOUD!!
Asking him to camp with you was the best possible ending. Well done.
That is one sloppy-BJ of an article. I'm glad you ended it before you started asking if you could sniff their underwear.
Ozzy was In a band?!

I'm only half joking. Of course I'm aware of Black Sabbath, but it's a part of musical history that was so uncool. The kind of stuff people who listened to Kiss liked.
4 - Thanks for reading. Who are your favorite bands?

And I'd totally sniff Black Sabbath's underwear.

5 - I disagree with you about Sabbath being uncool. At least Ozzy Sabbath.
When did rock music get overrun by bearded, limp wristed pussies from prestigious schools singing about whether some girls loves them, all played on a banjo?
good, bad, cool, uncool. $175 for a ticket. outrageous gouge at the gorge
Black Sabbath is one of if not the greatest heavy metal band in history. 70 million albums sold. Yeah, they must stink. If it's not your thing, then good. I'd sniff their underwear too. Hell, I'd eat their underwear. Black Sabbath aren't MGMT or Head and the Heart, or some DJ that stands there and hits the space bar while some clown does karaoke. If you like those things, then great for you. I'll be at the Sabbath show, and loving every second of it.

#8 - general admission $65.

Nice interview - article, Moorman. The Benihana shrimp cutting question was good. Have fun camping with Geezer.
I'm so bummed I'm missing this as I'm out of town. I wanted to go see Willie Nelson and then Black Sabbath back to back.

Sabbath Rules. End of story.
What's with the "y'all"s?
You do NOT say "y'all" to Black Sabbath.

Oh shit! "You want to camp with us?" That is some victorious LOLLer baller shit.