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Jeff Rosenstock Makes Depression Feel Less Terrible


Holy shit, how did I not know about this!? I will be there!
I'm curious, where did you get your 25 percent figure? I have never heard a number nearly that high, and my brief Google searching shows most studies reporting from 10-15 percent.
@2: Yeah, 25% is way too high. There are various studies out there but the values typically fall between 5% - 10%. And of those, from half to two thirds don't get treatment. But to be fair, you also have to take into account people who are treated with anti-depressants preventatively and for other disorders (anti-depressants aren't just for depression). Nonetheless, 25% is insanely high. One study said that the number is 11%, where 61% where taking them for extended periods and only 34% of people with severe depression taking them (which is consistent with the fact that 2/3rds of people with mental illnesses don't get treatment).
@2 and @3 You're both right. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 25% is the number of Americans suffering from some kind of mental disorder (depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and more), but the number of those American's who seek treatment (and specifically have depression) is much lower. Sorry for not making that more clear--I understand that that sentence reads much differently than intended (something I should've caught in the editing process). I will update.