The Ultimate Collaboration

Kronos Quartet Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation with DAE


Haruko Nishimura is a talented woman and the brains and innovation behind Kohl. I know them both personally and can attest to her brilliance. Joshua Kohl is, at best, a P.T. Barnum type who is good a shameless self-promotion, weiling egotistical control. He's an idiot. She's brilliant and he's been hanging on to her coat tails for 20+ years. (Even her father has funded their existence - Kohl is merely a lucky leech.)

I saw Josh preview his latest piece, a collaboration with his father, poet Herb Kohl, whereby Josh composed music to recordings of Herb's poetry, at the Frye in September. The music was transcendentally lovely, perfectly capturing the spirit of the poetry while not distracting from it either. I dont see how an idiot could have composed such a suite of beautiful music.

I don't see how either.
This is simply not true.
Heaven forbid you link to the goddamn ticket purchase page or the venue - anywhere - in the 3 pages I've clicked through.