Music May 14, 2014 at 4:00 am

UW's Rainy Dawg Radio Secretly Rules


As a 20 year veteran of the Seattle rave scene, your reporting of Beat Connection as "Seattle's biggest electronic dance act" is fucking hilarious.
Did the UW ever have a Husky Fest this year?
Weird to write a long story about a radio station and then not tell readers a single way to listen to them. Do they have a spot on the dial? Do they have a website?
@2 - Please tell me Husky Fest is a party with all kinds of actual Husky dogs and puppies! They should really get on that.

@3 -
Right, but this was in the print edition too. Are all print readers expected to google to follow-up on the information missing from your stories?
@3, 5 The information was included in the story in this sentence:

"Several current programs are worth listening to (tune in at"

I got an internship at KEXP as soon as I graduated middle school. This is a fluff piece and poor music writing.

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