West Seattle Summer Fest's Weird and Wonderful Musical Jumble

The Foghorns! Stag! For Free!


What, no Green Pajamas?!
Um. Is the image at the top of this article a photograph of a band in blackface? I'm hallucinating, right? The Stranger wouldn't promote bands of mainly white people who sometimes do shows with dark makeup covering their faces, no matter the reason or "context" would it?
@2 my thoughts exactly =/
I wasn't impressed with Akre's stripped-down solo songs. Should have stayed for Stag but I don't know how to read the shrugs and blank faces of some Teenage Alaskan family members. I assumed they too weren't into Akre and neither was I. I like her with a band better.

The Alaskans (especially the teenage girl) just don't show emotion much nor do they communicate what they like and don't like. We could've went to see Captain America instead. That would have been better. I really should have taken this preview by it's words better.