Ten Music-Video Fashion Hits of the 1980s

The Magic of Crop Tops, Tube Socks, and One's Own Face Airbrushed on a T-Shirt


I would like to add Visage 'Fade To Grey', which epitomizes the decadence of 80s New Romanticism.
What good came out of the 80's? A bunch of disco dancing morons and open neck silk shirts with jewelry that would make Shane's jewelry blush. Over the top and not worthy of any history buffs trying to analyze it. Bad time in the cultural history of the U.S.A.
Fashion ended in 1990 and it never came back. It's been stultifying and boring since then, with Seattle serving as the ultimate fashion graveyard.
Tina's still got it, though.
"......we don't need another hero........we don't need to know the waaaay home.....all we want is that we're young....."
Now I believe there comes a time, where everything just falls in line, we live an' learn from our mistakes, the deepest cuts are healed by faith.
@6 Longwayhome says that you're always young when you think you're young. Supertramp, breakfast in America.
How can you talk about 80's Fashion and NOT talk about Berlin's Terri Nunn?

I mean, look at this awesome shit!
Tina could wear a garbage sack and I wouldn't notice. I certainly didn't pay attention to the outfit in the posted video....back then or now. She is simply an amazing performer.
No Pat Benatar in her rag-inspired Love Is A Battlefield outfit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjY_uSSnc…