Rob Zombie vs. Clinical Psychology

A Dual Interview with Mr. Zombie and Psychologist P. Landers


"Curiously, or not, Zombie is an "ethical vegetarian" and does work for a charity called Puppy Rescue Mission, helping dogs taken in by soldiers on their tours of duty. Not exactly facets of a man who's derailing society."

It seems overplayed, but I guess Trent Moorman is not privy: Hitler was a well known vegetarian and he loved his dog. He was also the leader of a nation. Luckily Rob Zombie is not.
@snoopy, give me a break. Rod Zombie is not Hitler (or even Tony Soprano for that matter).

A rape survivor or anyone who has been affected by violence, can easily stay clear of his work, just as they can choose not to read Lolita, Edgar Allen Poe, or anything that can have an adverse affect on them. Horror films have been around for nearly as long as cinema, and they've played an important role in history and art.
"It's certainly good to have conversations about things, but a rape victim suffering from PTSD probably isn't going to get the entertainment value out of a Rob Zombie film."

Here's where psychologists fail, imo. Stating the obvious much?
I am sorry, but that doesn't take a psychologist to figure out, surely.

It's FUN people. FUN. You know, not to be taken seriously, or watched by people who don't want to watch it.
I read articles on line sometimes that start out with "trigger warning!!". FFS..
If you're that fragile or traumatized by life, that stuff like this triggers you, I am sorry life treated you that way, truly, but don't f'ing WATCH it.
That's your choice. My choice, is to watch some good blood and murder.

Life is a giant trigger, we can't all hide away from stuff that scares, or violence, etc, but we can all develop some f*cking critical thinking skills about what we see, surely.

I love Zombie, personally. I have almost everything he's ever done, and dig the shit out of the fact that there are still creative and talented people who aren't afraid to be too 'unpc' about the creative process, to face down tabboo head on, and just let it all out there.

Do we really not want to be scared any more, as a culture or society? Then we are dead, it's all over, the minute you put limits on things like Rob Zombie movies.

HItler references. That means we're getting somewhere right?

@1, yeah, it's overplayed. That is what Moorman is saying. But I guess you're not privy.
I've seen a few of his movies. He can never seem to generate enough sympathy for me to identify with his characters (neither villain nor victim). One exception: the young Mike Meyers in his "Halloween" remake was spot on.
As much as I wanted to like House of 1000 Corpses and the Devils Rejects, I thought the filmmaking was hackwork. Sid Haig was fun, but everything else--acting, script, and camerawork was mediocre. He's supposed to make the early 70's Flyers biopic and I'm cringing a bit because I don't believe his film craft is up to it.
here's 4 things:
1 - movies are movies, and just movies. some are fairly disturbing - yes indeedy - but they are just movies
2- this country has a mental health problem, in which those who have serious mental health issues are not treated appropriately until they actually do something depraved. the spark of which can be caused by a movie, but only because they have never been given a correct assessment and do not realize point #1
3- this whole Hitler being a vegetarian issue is mostly myth:
4 - the above is an interesting article with some very valid points, but I couldn't give a damn about Rob Zombie, and I'm sure he's probably fine with that
This is an interview with Rob Zombie, not some new fuckhole who said a dumb thing on Oprah – Rob Zombie. Like him or not or in between, people know his deal more or less. Electric Head, slasher shit, whatever. It's not too hard to find out he's an established decent dude who likes depraved shit.

Yet this interview leads off with a fucking local-news-level question about *rape culture*. And just keeps going with the insipid "do you think you promote x bad thing, what about people who have bad things happen to them" line of questioning.

Jesus fucking Christ guys.

Is this appeasing the spillover from Jezebel from people who just can't get enough shrill-Tumblr-style social justice issues?
Wow CHZA, you sound like a complete fucking asshole. That must be great for you, to be such a complete fucking asshole.

But you're probably not as big of an asshole in person. You just like to play tough on the internet, huh?
@9 you keep practicing at that and one day you'll actually insult somebody for realsies.
hey chza, when you interview rob zombie, let us know. i'm sure your questions will be the greatest questions ever asked.

until then, have fun being tough making big bad blog comments. most of all though, have fun being a frustrated asshole. really, have fun with that. because it's really fun for us to see.