An Old Guy and a Young Dude's Guide to Decibel Festival's Peaks

Five Days of Mnml Techno, Death Disco, Emotronica, Amniotic Ambience, and More


My pick for Wednesday is the Roland showcase at Monkey Loft with all three members of Phuture. There is time to catch others afterwards, their set is at 7.
I find the schedule really wide this year. Each night in the 9:00 time slot they have five or six venues going among EMP SkyChurch and Level 3, one or both Showboxes, Crocodile, Neumos, Re-Bar, and Q. Given the geography of the city it's pretty hard to attend more than a couple venues a night if you want to mix and match. Still, any day can be a marathon if you hit a boat cruise, optical showcase (which are earlier in the evening), main show, and then after hours at Q

For me it's going to be Saturday night at Optical (Christopher Willits, Loscil, and Jacaszek) at the Triple Door for dinner and then Richie Hawtin and Friends at the SkyChurch and that's it. Sadly it just doesn't line up well with my life this year.

The only thing happening is The Pretty Reckless.…

Sorry just not feeling the festival at all this year. Personally I think the concept has grown to pretentious over the years.
Not even a mention of Braids' set on Weds. at The Croc. Wowwww, you guys suck in your lack of thoroughness. Suck.