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For the record, I was there with Tom Morello at the door of the 5-Point and the version of events released by Meinert and Roach is fabricated. There was no line at the door. No one asked for a special room or special treatment (several of the people who were present are 5-Point regulars and obviously know such a thing doesn't exist). No one was rude to Roach. Mr. Roach seemed to have a chip on his shoulder regarding famous people and from the second we arrived and was rude and pushy. When a female in the party tried to speak to someone inside through the open door, Roach became very agitated and confrontational. Morello was fine with not being admitted to the place, but he tweeted about the incident because the doorman was amazingly awful. Meinert won the spin war after the fact because that's what he does. Attention for the bar at all costs.
As someone who has worked in 24 hour establishments on the grave shift and has seen Roach work in person many a nights, you have no idea jeffuppy what you are talking about. Roach is actually one of the best door duders in the city and puts up with way more crap than most. I have to say that once Morello thought going to IHOP was a better idea he completely lost all argue power and voided his stance as someone standing up for the working class. The dude wears jackets that cost more than most working people make in a week. Pretty nice life when you have one good album and now can afford to beat up on Seattle establishments that take care of their staff. I always liked RATM and I imagine at some point in my life I will once again listen to the self-titled album. I have to say jeffuppy, coming to the defense of someone who is supposed to care about worker rights, so much that after 5 minutes of arguing he decides IHOP is the best alternative!?! WOW. If you are someone that is familiar with Seattle, why didn't you inform him of Beth's, the Hurricane (which sadly closes later this year), whatever... anything except IHOP. Fuck man, perhaps you should reevaluate the group of people you hang with if IHOP is the default when the “big, bad, spooky doorman” tells you that just because MTV played your garbage at some point, you still don’t get special treatment. Honestly, anyone who has ever been a regular at the 5-Point doesn’t give a fuck about that dude, they just want to get fucked up on the booze and enjoy a nice blue plate special. Up yours jeffuppy!