Sharlese Metcalf, Northwest Audio Authority

KEXP's Audioasis Host Discusses Her Favorite Music and Tries to Work it Out With Her Dysfunctional Cat


This calls for that Jackson Universe cat dude. I'd like to see him vs Sade.

SHARLESE IS THE BEST. Been listening to her for a while. This is great to see!
a declawed Bengal tore the shit out of my cat's stomach with his back claws. I though he'd got his ass kicked by a raccoon. cost me a grand by the time it was over.

if you are going to declaw a cat, you don't want a cat.

if you are adopting a cat, don't adopt a declawed cat thinking you'll save it. you won't. they should be put out of their misery.
i feel like a U-Men single being played at 33rpm is a winning formula....

sharlese is cool
Declawing cats should be illegal. The procedure is the equivalent of cutting off human fingers at the last knuckle before the fingernails. Horrific. It also makes them more likely to bite.

That cat is suffering from HUGE amounts of anxiety. Try a Thundershirt on her. The higher the anxiety level in a cat, the more likely a Thundershirt is to calm him/her down. And it might make sense to put that cat on Xanax. If that doesn't work, switch to Prozac, which takes longer to kick in, unfortunately.