Race and Class in America

Oh, and Also GWAR, ZZ Top, and Prince: Regrets of 2014


Looking at it from the bullet's perspective puts it in an interesting perspective. I agree completely with the assertion that most of these caucasian police officers should not even be firing sponge balls. I look forward to the smart gun. One that can detect racism of the person holding the gun,and detect actual threats, and with smart bullets. Or we could just take all firearms away from police. At this time, I think the country would be safer if police were unarmed. They're simply causing more harm than good. The good guys are actually the bad guys and that is not good.
@1. I support you.
It's hard to take your commentary seriously when you illustrate it with a complete cartridge (the part containing the powder and primer that is left behind when the bullet is fired) rather than a bullet. Perhaps you should actually go shoot a gun some time, you might actually understand how they work and not look like a complete idiot in the future. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it too.
@3, If you post a picture of someone in the paper you don't usually post a naked picture. Of course the bullet is wearing a jacket.

Then again, if you want to talk about looking like a complete idiot I suppose I'd look at the guy looking for photographic realism in a picture attached to a satirical article.
Is "free the geoduck" a euphemism?