ABBA, aka Sweden's pride, aka the most commercially successful band in the history of popular music.

'Emily Ann Pothast: Works on Paper'

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.

ART Through May 10, Cairo (507 E Mercer St)

The artwork of Emily Ann Pothast explores beautifully psychedelic and spiritual realms without falling into the cheesiness often associated with those two words. The rich textures and colors of her drawings of eyes, patterns, and geometric shapes are a perfect portal for your metaphysical ponderings.

Nearby snack: There's a Top Pot Doughnuts dangerously close to Cairo (609 Summit Ave E).

ABBA Night

MUSIC/NIGHT OUT Fri April 24, Swedish Cultural Center (1920 Dexter Ave N)

Celebrate fashion's finest moment—i.e., the skintight satin bell-bottom disco overalls—and Sweden's pride, aka the most commercially successful band in the history of popular music, with a night of all things ABBA! The sixth annual ABBA night will include an ABBA cover band, an ABBA DJ, and an ABBA costume contest. You're sure to ABBA great time!

Nearby snack: ABBA-appropriate food will reportedly be available in-house, but don't rule out China Harbor (2040 Westlake Ave N), especially if you like your Chinese food to be illuminated by epic chandeliers.

Blood Drugs Record Release Party

MUSIC Fri April 24, Chop Suey (1325 E Madison St)

Local punks Blood Drugs are releasing their self-titled debut album tonight on Good to Die Records. It's concentrated, rhythmic rock 'n' roll, a jittery skeleton wrapped in measured chaos and scraped-up manic vocals. If it's been a while since you thrashed yourself sweaty at a show, this one's for you.

Nearby snack: Hit Old School Frozen Custard (1316 E Pike St) for a Concrete (like a Blizzard, but made with frozen custard and half the attitude of the average DQ employee).

Active Listening Without Limitation, a New Awareness

CLASSICAL Sat April 25, Chapel Performance Space (4649 Sunnyside Ave N)

I can't pretend to understand exactly what the premise of this show is (discussion? Performance? Awareness?), but I'm intrigued nonetheless, because fuck limitation. The Chapel website says that part of the programming this evening will include William Kiesel discussing hermetic enigmas in his presentation on the language of the birds, and Garek Jon Druss performing a new piece for meditative listening, architecture, and sculpture. In my experience, nothing goes better with a discussion of hermetic enigmas than a vape pen.

Nearby snack: Are you familiar with the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machines found at Taco Time? (The closest one is at 2212 N 45th St.) You can just stand there making up your own infinite soda flavor combinations! I like Dr. Pepper with a shitload of vanilla syrup in it and a little cherry, but I'm not going to tell you how to live your life.

Marine Mammal Mania: Sea Otters

CUTE! April 25–26, Seattle Aquarium (1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59)

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Otters are basically the puppies of the sea—adorable, charming, outgoing YouTube sensations. Meet Seattle Aquarium's otter friends—Adaa, Lootas, Aniak, and Sekiu—and learn about their fastidious grooming habits, what it means when they hold paws (AWWW), and how otters are slowly making a comeback from the brink of extinction.

Nearby snack: I've mentioned my guilty pleasure spot before: the Hard Rock Cafe (116 Pike St). Feel free to tune out the Zeppelin soundtrack, because eating and drinking on a rooftop with fire pits and a view of Pike Place (!) is the only stairway to heaven you'll need. (ZING.) recommended

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