Average Joe Cat Show

New Kids on the Block, TLC, Nelly

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
A world premiere musical that you can really sink your teeth into Get your tickets HERE!

MUSIC Wed May 6, Tacoma Dome (2727 East D St, Tacoma)

OMG, my grade-school, middle-school, and high-school selves are ecstatic right now—not only because this lineup represents very important songs, posters, and music videos from each of those eras, but also because seventh-grade me still cannot wrap her mind around the joys of legalized marijuana. Belly-button rings and copious amount of shiny denim are encouraged.

Nearby snack: Southern Kitchen (1716 Sixth Ave, Tacoma) serves down-home faves like fried catfish, fried chicken, and, most deliciously, hush puppies (fried cornbread)! AND they've been visited by the Food Network's human hedgehog/schnauzer hybrid GUY FIERI, so you know it's legitimately caloric.

An Evening of Edgy Culture

MUSIC Thurs May 7, Vermillion (1508 11th Ave)

Dig this night of sounds informed by/assisted by/best enjoyed with marijuana—free jazz, natch—featuring local legends SUBDUCTION ZONE (Wally Shoup on alto sax, Dennis Rea on electric guitar, Tom Zgonc on drums), plus solo trumpeter Greg Kelley and poet Doug Nufer.

Nearby snack: What Rancho Bravo (1001 E Pine St) lacks in decor, or even a sign, they make up for in satisfying tamales, nachos, tacos, and more.

National Coconut Cream Pie Day

PIE Fri May 8, Dahlia Bakery (2001 Fourth Ave)

National Coconut Cream Pie Day is today (which stoned-ass mayor approves these cah-raaazy holidays?), and Dahlia Bakery—makers of the best coconut cream pie in town—are hosting a pie-eating contest "to see how many mini pie bites 25 contestants can eat in two minutes." TGINCCPD, amiright?

Nearby snack: Oh what the hell, Serious Pie (316 Virginia St) is directly next door to Dahlia. Slap some gourmet pizza pie on that gourmet coconut cream pie. You deserve it.

Average Joe Cat Show

CATS Sat May 9, Spartan Recreation Center (202 NE 185th St, Shoreline)

Enough of these highfalutin purebred model cats with perfect fur—it's time we celebrate regular felines! The Average Joe Cat Show includes categories like "loudest purr," "best cat in a box," and "most impressive ear hair" and is hosted by Purrfect Pals, Washington's no-kill cat shelter. Pro tip: There will be friends available for adoption at this event, which is a decision you should make before you pick up the bong.

Nearby snack: If you love eating in your car, Burgermaster (9820 Aurora Ave N) will bring a hormone-free burger and fancy shake out to your vehicle, just like the olden days before people knew about sitting inside restaurants.

'Henry Horenstein: Racing Days'

ART Through June 13, Photographic Center Northwest (900 12th Ave)

Contemplate the strange sport of people betting money on (smaller) people riding very fast horses. This exhibit features Henry Horenstein's black-and-white photographs chronicling characters—bettors, trainers, jockeys, clockers—found at racetracks across the US in the 1970s and early '80s.

Nearby snack: For Vietnamese street food, Ba Bar (550 12th Ave) has a pretty tasty happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. recommended

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