Words not music. courtesy of Town Hall

Philip Glass

READING Wed May 13, Town Hall (1119 Eighth Ave)

The repetitive structures in Glass's symphonies and soundtracks changed the way we think of classical music, music for concentrating, or music simply to soak your brain in after a bong ride to Contemplation Nation. The 78-year-old composer has written a memoir called Words Without Music and will be discussing it with Rajan Krishnaswami of the Seattle Symphony. He may not be getting high beforehand, but you should.

Nearby snack: Potbelly's (1208 Madison St #121) PB&J is everything you didn't know you needed.

Mariners vs. Red Sox

SPORTS Thurs May 14, Safeco Field (1250 First Ave S)

Listen to this story my friend told me. Between innings at a recent Mariners game against the Texas Rangers, the Jumbotron focused on a man dressed as the Lone Ranger playing an acoustic guitar. A booing crowd gathered, and out popped the Mariner Moose, who took the guitar and smashed it, then picked up an electric guitar to play Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" while the words SEATTLE ROCKS flashed across the screen. Now imagine watching that while pot gummy bears take over your brain!

Nearby snack: Safeco Field is basically a snack paradise lined with Shishkaberry's, garlic fries, pretzels, cheesecake, pizza, burgers, and refreshments galore.

Ian Bell's Brown Derby Series: 'Jurassic Park'

THEATER May 14–16, Re-bar (1114 Howell St)

Ian Bell's Brown Derby Series is "ridiculously staged readings of your favorite screenplays." Next up: the 1993 classic Jurassic Park (!!!). Hold on to your butts!

Nearby snack: Being a vegetarian means I have no idea what Market House Meats (1124 Howell St) has in store for you, but someone told me it was good and it's super close to Re-bar. I'm not even judging you.

'Seacats Forever: A DIY Stage Play'

MUSIC/THEATER Fri May 15, Hollow Earth Radio (2018A E Union St)

I've always liked those Seacats—a pop band formed by two brothers originally from Kelso, Washington. Their songs are catchy and danceable, and they could leave it at that, but there's also a theatrical side to the Seacats empire that includes several hilarious videos, spoken-word/jamming experiments, and now a play, which combines a comedic narrative with live music. (Elch and Sun Dummy are also on the bill.)

Nearby snack: Up the street, Katy's Corner Cafe (2000 E Union St) has cookies and other coffee-shop fare.

'I Want to Believe'

ART Through May 29, Eight and Sand Gallery (5840 Airport Way S, Suite 212)

Support The Stranger

Works from local and national artists cover subjects in the vein of "cryptozoology, aliens, metaphysical beings, lizard politicians from another dimension wearing human suits, and secret societies." Yes, obviously.

Nearby snack: Flying Squirrel Pizza (5701 Airport Way S) for casual pizza, salad, and appetizers. They have a pizza called the R.E.M., which sounds half good.

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