Feast for the Eyes

Slick Rick, Jarv Dee, Gifted Gab, Kung Foo Grip

MUSIC Wed May 20, Neumos (925 E Pike St)

Hon, you need to get your ass on the dance floor this minute! Slick Rick—rightfully billed here as "The Legendary Slick Rick"—shall lay his filthy storytelling elegance and expert jewelry-wearing skills on your ears and eyes this evening. With Moor Gang excellency from Gifted Gab and Jarv Dee, plus future-leaning hiphop from Kung Foo Grip.

Nearby snack: If you’re on the prowl for an actually cheap happy hour, Lost Lake (1505 10th Ave) offers deals like hot dollar beers and $2.99 grilled cheese and fries from 4 to 6 p.m.

Seattle International Film Festival

FILM Through June 7, various theaters

Dude, there is so much crazy shit to watch at SIFF this year! The films I've seen so far can be measured on a scale of "confusing bro-meets-broette plot, in French" to "BASE jumping documentary that made me cry even though I never cared even a little bit about BASE jumping." Check the comprehensive schedule and recommendations at thestranger.com/siff and get to it!

Nearby snack: Sometimes I go see a movie just so I have an excuse to dump a box of Milk Duds over hot popcorn—a meal that’s far less appealing/socially acceptable to make at home.

Sculpture Pop-Up

ART Fri May 22, Cal Anderson Park (1635 11th Ave)

Wearable sculptures! The poster for this Paul Kuniholm Pauper–created event shows women wearing monochromatic spandex bodysuits with mod-looking stiff circular skirts and hats that look like primary-colored lampshades. They look very pleased to be wearing such great outfits, and I do not blame them.

Nearby snack: Cured meats, fine cheeses, and other tasties (plus drinks!) can be found mere feet away from Cal Anderson at the cozy little bar Cure (1641 Nagle Pl).

Northwest Folklife Festival

MUSIC May 22–25, Seattle Center (305 Harrison St)

This year, Folklife sets its busking fiddle down for five seconds (just kidding, Folklife, you know I luh you!) to put the cultural focus on Beats, Rhymes, and Rhythms programming—specifically, an examination of the roots of hiphop—via panels, spoken word, film, theater, dance, visual art, and music.

Nearby snack: It’s time for my bimonthly ode to Shishkaberry’s, which can be found on the Seattle Center grounds during big events. Shish-kebabed strawberries, dipped in chocolate, dipped in toppings!

'Feast for the Eyes'

ART Through June 5, Push/Pull (8537 Greenwood Ave N)

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Here we ponder food-inspired pop artwork from Rich M Stevens that is very detailed and vaguely sci-fi/psychedelic. A man with a bacon-cheeseburger-on-English-muffin head is eating a classic-looking hamburger against a circuit-board background. A different hamburger-headed man holds up his hamburger-headed baby against oversaturated water pipes and yarn geometry. I mean, what else do you want to look at ever?

Nearby snack: A trustworthy source tells me the $7 steak at Bill's on Greenwood (8560 Greenwood Ave N), available every Tuesday, is "mostly worth it." Plus, it comes with grilled veggies and a potato side. Bill's also offers all-you-can-eat spaghetti (every Wednesday) for $5. Both feeding frenzies take place from 6 to 9 p.m. recommended