'Consruct\s': Terry Acebo Davis's 'Her House... Tahanan... Her Room,' 2015. Immersive mixed media installation exploring her mother's dementia and family history. Toryan Dixon

Music Movies

(MUSIC/ART) Thurs May 28, Northwest Film Forum (1515 12th Ave)

Debacle Records musicians—drone master Garek Druss, free-form folk guitarist Marisa Anderson, and experimental electronic wiz Marcus Price will massage your ears, their sounds enhanced by visual pairings from Nick Bartoletti, Jodi Darby, and Coldbrew Collective.

Nearby snack: If you're done being a dick about vegan food, Plum Bistro (1429 12th Ave) has really bomb Cajun mac 'n' yease and other animal-free delights. (P.S. It's still cool to make fun of gluten free.) (JK, JK.)

Quintron and Miss Pussycat

(MUSIC) Fri May 29, Sunset (5433 Ballard Ave NW)

You can read the recommendation I wrote for this show in this very issue. What's that you say? Hands too tired? Page numbers too complicated? Fine—I basically said that this show will make you feel like you finally took the right amount of acid to not get all sweaty or ate the right amount of pot brownie to not get all sleepy. New Orleans's finest eccentrics Quintron and Miss Pussycat will melt your brain with organ-heavy swamp rock, fantastical puppet shows, and musical inventions that react to light and weather.

Nearby snack: The specialty at Hot Cakes (5427 Ballard Ave NW) is a cake in a mason jar (so handy!), but they also serve grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, s'mores, and other shmancy treats.


(ART) Through April 17, 2016, Wing Luke Museum (719 S King St)

Reflect upon/explore installations made by six Asian Pacific American women artists. Jen Graves describes one particularly interesting-sounding work: "Kaili Chun's small metal cages are double-locked, and you must unlock both (keys are given) to release the voices of birds and people and musical instruments recorded and just waiting to play from interior speakers." Release them!

Nearby snack: It's a five-minute walk to Shanghai Garden (524 Sixth Ave S) where I insist you try the pan-fried, hand-shaven green barley noodles.

Trike Race

(SPORTS) Sun May 31, Targy's Tavern (600 W Crocket St)

Grown-ass adults riding tricycles (basically anything with three wheels and no motors; wagons and skateboards also welcome, brah) down the hilly hills of Queen Anne! Disclaimer: It's unofficial and unsanctioned, so unless you're a trike ace (don't ever call yourself that) or have generally decent coordination, motor skills, steepness tolerance, and attention span, and also enjoy being safe while you're stoned, you should probably just watch. Ain't no shame in spectating!

Nearby snack: Macrina Bakery (615 W McGraw St) for their Nutella brioche or pretty much anything on the menu within your budget.

Maria's No-Bake Hempseed Cookie Class

(HEMP) Mon June 1, Hempfest Central (12351 Lake City Way NE)

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Hemp History Week is June 1–7, and any hippie will tell you (and tell you and tell you) that hemp is a versatile plant that can be refined into oil, wax, resin, cloth, paper, fuel, and sick unisex necklaces. Oh, and it's also food! Because anything is food if you eat it. According to hempfest.org, "The hemp seed is the single most nutritious food on earth." And while I'm not sure who Maria is, she can teach you how to make hempseed cookies without even turning the oven on!

Nearby snack: If you're still hungry, head over to Thai One On (12343 Lake City Way NE)—a restaurant I'm recommending based solely on the name. recommended