"That church was a trip to me because it was great even with all that bullshit." Kelly O / lettering Mike Force


The Stranger should do a little research into his violent and homophobic, drug fueled rampage on Ballard ave last year. Bitterroot, Kings, and Percy's staff will have some info for you. I didn't see it, just heard second hand. So ill leave it at that.
@1 - I was there and that is a total mischaracterization and petty gossip. The fact that you are willing to casually & publicly assassinate someone's character based on ballard ave hearsay is more an indictment on your character than anyone there that night. If there's anything worth investigating here, it's Ballard's rich history of racial bias which is as prevalent today as ever. Oh wait, that's been done:
@2-Cry me a fucking river. Sure Ballard is white as fuck, but people of all races manage to enjoy it without devolving into violence and homophobia. And if crying racism is an excuse for those things than thats news to me. The charges stand, gossip or not.
maan sit your ass down
Ok Larry. I hear you. And we've met a few times and I respect you. I think you guys are working with a bit of a double-standard, but it's not my fight. Peace.

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