Adriana Hernandez at Northwest New Works. Tim Summers

Northwest New Works

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THEATER/DANCE June 12–14, On the Boards (100 W Roy St)

Interested in getting into local theater/dance, but not sure if you have the attention span? Or simply don't know where to start? Now in its 32nd year, Northwest New Works brings you a performance buffet! Each showcase features four 20-minute tastes of experimental or in-progress works from Northwest artists.

Nearby snack: Caffe Ladro (2205 Queen Anne Ave N) for the apple pie. The really good, really big apple pie.

'Rhythm Sections and the Groove of Color'

ART Through July 18, METHOD Gallery (106 Third Ave S)

For his vivid paintings on pieces of wood that have been "bent, curved, warped, and reinforced with color," Chicago artist Michael Finnegan was inspired by "sound waves and messages from the subconscious, light waves and the bounce and catch of color, ocean waves and a fluid soul groove." Feel free to read that last quote in the style of David Attenborough from the Planet Earth series, or Otto from The Simpsons.

Nearby snack: Visit Il Corvo (217 James St) for the best kale salad of your life (don't roll your eyes at kale) and handmade pasta dishes from a small menu. Note: They hold very limited hours (Mon–Fri 11 am–3 pm), and the seating is tight/confusing (it's one of those wait-in-line-to-order-then-find-a-seat-if-you-can systems that make my palms sweaty but always end up working out).

US Air Guitar Championships: Seattle Qualifier

MUSIC Thurs June 11, Highline (210 Broadway E)

Duuuuuuude. Seattle hasn't sent a wind shredder to the Air Guitar Championships since 2012! Let's overcome that embarrassment tonight at the official Seattle qualifier, where the winner will go on to compete at the semifinals in San Francisco. Hosting the show will be Tony Tapatio, Portland's air champ and member of the country's most famous air band, Airpocalypse (did your brain just melt?). Expert guest judges include The Stranger's own Kelly "Slayer Forever" O, along with the dude from the Accused (aka Blaine Cook—he also owns Zippy's Giant Burgers).

Nearby snack: I'm told you can get food across the street at Nacho Borracho (209 Broadway E). Hell, I'm told I've eaten food at Nacho Borracho. Their website confirms that Neon Taco's tasty Mexican street food is served inside, but what I'm getting at is that they also serve tequila.

Georgetown Carnival

FESTIVAL Sat June 13, Georgetown Neighborhood

A carnival in Seattle's oldest, most rockabilly neighborhood! This is going to be awesome because: beer gardens, acrobats, art, live bands up the yin-yang (is that still cool to say?), power-tool races, PEOPLE ON STILTS, the oddmall (20 booths of curious wares such as soap sculptures and magik with a K jewelry), and much more. For best results, wear a costume and fly that freak flag high.

Nearby snack: Georgetown is home to a diverse selection of food joints worth your skrill, and, like any good carnival, there will be food trucks!

Bubble Fütbol

SPORTS Sat June 13, Cal Anderson Park (1635 11th Ave)

Support The Stranger

TWIF (The World Is Fun—a volunteer-run, charitable social club) is hosting a fundraiser for its programs with a bubble fütbol tournament. The game is not unlike soccer, except everyone is wearing an inflatable ZORB-ESQUE BUBBLE that makes them look like transparent sea aliens with athletic legs!

Nearby snack: Saint John's (719 E Pike St) serves weekend brunch that you don't even have to wait 50 minutes to be seated for, and the French toast is legit. (About me: pretty into French toast.) recommended