Myth & Magic Faire

Wii Wednesday

BOOZE/GAMES Wed July 8, Sake Nomi (76 S Washington St)

Pioneer Square's best (only?) sake bar/shop, Sake Nomi, hosts a weekly Wii battle for those of us who have that kind of skill. Wii games are kind of hard, right? RIGHT? If worse comes to worst, you can just drink and watch!

Nearby snack: Delicatus (103 First Ave S) is self-described as "a Seattle delicatessen," and they boast a huge menu of sandwiches (and soups and salads) (but mostly sandwiches) (many, many sandwiches).

Myth & Magic Faire

FAIRE July 10–12, EMP Museum (325 Fifth Ave N)

Hark! Three days of wonder and whimsy await thee at the Myth & Magic Faire! Friday: a 30th-anniversary screening of the 1985 fantasy adventure film Legend (Tim Curry!). Saturday: a medieval-style wizard's feast with unlimited drink, followed by a masquerade ball. Sunday: family-friendly daytime activities from sword fighting to crafts to unicorn care. A great costume op if there ever was one.

Nearby snack: WIZARD'S FEAST, I SAID.

Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival

THEATER July 11–12, Volunteer Park (1247 15th Ave E)

Shakespeare and other fine theater, in the park, for free! Outdoor plays are cool because you can (politely) vape up a storm and it's less panic-inducing if you have to (politely) get up to pee.

Nearby snack: Saturday, July 11, is FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-Eleven! Piña colada is the finest of the flavors, followed by Dr. Pepper and Sour Patch Kids Watermelon. Since we're already here, the 7-Eleven brand s'mores ice-cream sandwiches are also a delight, and this is off topic (or is it?), but the 7-Eleven brand toilet paper is actually kinda fancy. It's called 7-Select®.

Noise Yoga

YOGA Sun July 12, Frye Art Museum (704 Terry Ave)

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Explore meditation and movement in a unique sonic environment with Noise Yoga, a twice-a-month summer program that pairs live experimental music with gentle Hatha yoga—all inside of the Frye Art Museum! The classes are led by ace yogi Emily Denton (of Poseurs yoga series and zine, the band Stickers, and apparel company Actual Pain), accompanied this week by ambient synth master Jason E. Anderson. Register in advance on the Frye website to secure a spot! Namaste, kind bud.

Nearby snack: Kafe Berlin (613 Ninth Ave) serves sandwiches, pastries, coffee, and a selection of wursts and other tubed meats (for after yoga)