Get stoned and go watch Drive outdoors!

'John O'Donnell: Cereal Cave'

ART Through Aug 2, Glass Box Gallery (831 Seattle Blvd S)

Cereal sculptures! This exhibition of sculptures, video, and prints focuses on "nostalgia, failure, fantasy, and ideas surrounding the construction of mystery." Whatever that means! Cereal sculptures! (But seriously, this guy makes some wonderfully weird pieces that skew toward the colorful and discombobulated.)

Nearby snack: In the food-court area of Uwajimaya (600 Fifth Ave S), you will find Beard Papa's—the BEST place to get cream puffs. They also serve 420-friendly fare like the cheesecake bar and the mango ice shower (condensed milk and mango nectar over shaved ice and mango chunks).

'Outdoor Trek'

THEATER Through Aug 9, Blanche Lavizzo Park (E Yesler Way and 22nd Ave S)

YES. Here we have an opportunity to see an outdoor play based on the "Amok Time" episode of Star Trek. Basically, Spock starts acting irrationally and must return to the planet Vulcan for a brutal mating ritual. Like salmon, during certain periods in their lives, Vulcan men must mate or die trying. But like, who wouldn't mate with Spock? Set phasers to STUNNING, amiright? Whoooeee. Er, anyway, this is a great idea for an outdoor play. I'd maybe even do an edible for this. Oh, and there's a preshow going down one hour before!

Nearby snack: Moonlight Cafe (1919 S Jackson St) has two menus: one vegan, one meat. I don't fux with the meat, but even my carnivorous pals swear by the veg menu. The sesame "beef" is your best introductory dish.

Block Party Alternatives

MUSIC July 24–26, Various locations

If you spent your summer allowance on that elaborate vaporizer (worth it) and can't afford a CHBP ticket (sheeeeeeeiit), you still have options! From the Unicorn's Cock Block Party (Friday through Sunday) to Music Under the Stars in Freeway Park (Friday), I've laid out some free or cheap, elaborate-vaporizer-approved shows to hit this weekend here. Hit. Get it?

Nearby snack: I'm desperately, hopelessly in love with Starburst sorbet bars. They're perfect squares that taste like frozen strawberry clouds on a stick. Available at most gas stations and other places with freezers.

Outdoor Movies

SUMMER Through Aug 29, Various locations

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Outdoor movies and marijuana go together like melted chocolate on a Hot Pocket (sweet 'n' savory is so IN)! This week, see Predator (7/24) and/or Monty Python and the Holy Grail (7/25) at Fremont Outdoor Cinema, Big Hero 6 (7/23) at Magnuson Park, The Goonies (7/25) at Seattle Center Movies at the Mural, Singles (7/25) at West Seattle Outdoor Movies, Speed and Drive (7/26) at the King's Hardware patio, or, obviously, Dazed and Confused (7/23) at Moonlight Cinema at Redhook Brewery.

Nearby snack: Many of these movies include food trucks and other snack ops, but it's my duty to inform you that Taco Bell has a new menu item: Cap'n Crunch Delights (Cap'n Crunch cereal–coated doughnut bites with gooey icing filling). I love that Taco Bell doesn't even pretend like their demographic is anything but 100 percent stoned people. recommended

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