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Hi Emily.

Today it was a black combat helicopter (not a comanche, possibly an apache) with a giant antenna sticking from its left leg hovering over the U Village.

It's a part of my ocd circuit.

My day-to-day sleep schedule(was never a fan of circadian rhythm) is broken, but I still need my OCD and am giving myself a reason to get up in the morning come autumn.

but this time around i wont be afraid to go outside or take my books back to the library or anything else.

because if you aren't gay you're the devil and zach has aids.

or if you have hair on your face or if you can spot a fag you're gay or you're the devil.

I saw an antenna of the same style sticking from a crosswalk signal a month or two ago.

It's a black rubberized rod.

Does that hurt?

Which I think means I have every opportunity to whatever I want, whenever I want.

Which means I wander around and say hi to people.

Anyways. They're all eating shit on a generational level(before me) and Saturday will be fun and everything is ok.

Which sure beats those times we almost miss.
Also, the guy from DC hasn't figured out that he's been fired yet.

And he hasn't realized that I'm not a bunch of Pakistanis and that's not how you're supposed to treat them.

Even though I've informed him that I'm not a Pakistani and that he is my client.

And that I'd have broken his jaw the second time around.

And he hasn't realized that I've received three calls from all of my clients combined, let alone three before 7am.

Or that I'm not his mom.

Sooo It's a bunch of phone calls and trying to bully your superior, I think.

Sooo you can either stop calling me and give me a bad review and fire the east coast or you can stop calling me.

I chose eternal chastity and damnation.

It didn't work out.
Oh, and they took down the fucking we > me banners.

Because they aren't.
Something about that time that I said that yes, I do have a penis and that I'd totally hang out with you and make humbows like Yan Win should before I take your ass downtown.

And dragging your ass around by one foot in the morning(still a hundred+ people on the sidewalk per block at peak hours) and utilizing centrifugal force to spin you in circles before hurling your frame into a storefront.

The glass wouldn't break, any more.. Which is probably batter.

I mean, you're being slammed into all but bulletproof glass and people are walking by and i just take your ankle in my hand and walk down to the next store.

It could only be better if I were capable of whistling.

And a foaming black pig.

Then dragging your ass around and doing it again

It's true.
I only started drinking milk again after I watched this film.


So, Hobag has the official Crystal Pepsi music video coming out soon.

Yes, Hobag.

Hobag has a crystal pepsi music video coming out soon.

These are the things that make me happy, Raugh.
I attacked her family in Despise and fought them for an hour.

I ran out of root.

After that I demanded(which means I asked for) a gate home. The wife fizzled.

I asked for regs and my rune.

She gave them to me. Via the ground.

A lot of really, really important people get this.

So it goes.
In return they received the obligatory offer of safety and/or protection(my icq is 1079422[more people to kill]), which they never took me up on.

Yeah, that guy's real.

And that's the joke.