The Evidence of Human Presence

John Luther Adams's Experimental Composition Inuksuit Isn't Finished Without You


ROGER DOWNEY! Welcome back. Great piece, it made me want to go.
Yo, you were just writing for the Weekly. Is nothing sacred? The rivalry, man, the RIVALRY. What ever happened to people from the Stranger hating people from the Weekly and vice versa for vague, half-remembered reasons? I don't even know this city any more.
More Roger Downey! Still the biggest mf in "our little valley," as Frau Miedel put it. Did you know Roger wrote jokes for young Carol Burnett? And was at like 16 the lighting director for the debut of Nichols & May? And that Elaine May sat down next to him on a Chicago train and played out a spy scene ("Do you haff zee papers?")? And that, when I asked Mike Nichols if he remembered Roger Downey, he said plummily, "Yes, actually."