The Vertigo of Mariah Carey's Breakup Songs

"Fantasy" Came Out 20 Years Ago, and She's Been Chasing the Dragon of Requited Love Ever Since


Unrequited love is a classic theme in R&B music and Mariah is a classic R&B singer.
Mariah's talent lies within the realm of requitted love lost. It's like she had it. Lost it, then captured those in a bottle of tears that she drinks from when writing her power ballads! I sometimes truly believe that Mariah is at her best when she has recovered from a horrible loss but the feelings are still raw enough to replicate the pain- it is in these moments that Mariah Carey should have a pen and unending supply of paper and piano players! She has more number ones in her back pocket but just like any other legend they will come when they are ready- I'm truly excited for Mariah's next album and something inside me tells me that it's going to be a concept album- maybe Jazz or Blues! She is the most powerful woman in music! Xoxo @mike51979 on Twitter!
If anyone's love was unrequited it was Tommy Mattola's.

Seriously, one look at Mariah in her heyday and is there any dude on earth who would not have "requited" her love several times a night. It's as believable as Carrie Underwood scratching up a guy's car for dumping her.

A better role for her, and album, was the Butterfly. Or the more rhythimcal X-Girlfriend from Rainbow:…

She knew she had something going on, that it was only last so long, and she would give it to the world. Like Cher, it can't last, but what other road is there. Hide, give it up to one person, or spread your wings.